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What to Do in the Philippines for Valentine’s Day

The truth about Valentine’s Day is that most people celebrate it, even if they’re not in a relationship with someone. They either celebrate on their own or with loved ones.

And while it isn’t technically a non-working holiday, you will definitely feel that love is in the air when you walk the streets. Red decorations fill the cities and establishments, heart-shaped balloons adorn shops and schools – don’t forget the abundance of flowers and chocolates that are sold almost every day!

valentine’s cards and gifts Many Filipinas enjoy preparing for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to get your date something nice!

Pollen allergies and diabetes aside, it’s a fun event for the country. There is public entertainment because of celebrities, amusement parks that are open for Valentine’s Day, and just a general amount of fun for everyone.

If you’re wondering what you could do in the Philippines for this romantic holiday, here are some date ideas that Cebu women will definitely enjoy.

Ice Skating

The Philippines may be a tropical country and therefore doesn’t have any winter at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go ice skating here.

Malls, especially in SM Seaside, have skating rinks that you can go to. It’s open to everyone, though you need to pay for it. Families, friends, and couples go ice skating for fun. Whether you’re good at it or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s for everyone. You can even pay extra for an instructor if it’s your first time.

ice skating shoes One of the more interesting date ideas in the Philippines happens to be ice skating!

Since Filipinas like having fun more than anything, they will surely appreciate you taking them on such a date.

Spa Date

Nothing beats relaxing with your date in a spa. Women love going to spas because they get to be pampered while expecting desirable results afterwards. You two can go get a facial, a massage, some aroma therapy, and so on.

Going to a spa is already nice enough on its own. But it’s even better if you get to go with your special someone. Filipinas have a fondness for taking care of those they love, but they also love being taken care of. And what better way to be pampered like a princess than going to a spa?

And if you get to enjoy the entire thing yourself on such a romantic holiday, then all the better! It’s a win-win for both of you.

Short Vacation

Get away from the city for a while. Spend quality time with your date by going somewhere together. You can go check in at a resort, a hotel, or even go camping. If you feel like your date is someone who finds going on an adventure more appealing than the usual kinds of dates, then go for it.

Recommended hotels to stay for a Valentine’s date (in Cebu particularly):

  1. Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa

  2. Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

  3. Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

  4. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

  5. Bai Hotel Cebu

  6. Radisson Blu Hotel

  7. JPark Island Resort & Waterpark

All of these hotels provide activities for Valentine’s itself. The meals they offer are also above par than normal, making the whole experience worth it. You and your date can enjoy yourselves by the pool and then have a candlelit dinner in the restaurant.

But if camping is more appealing to you, then here are a few camping areas you can go to:

  1. Mt. Babag

  2. Chalet Hills

  3. Bacalla Woods Campsite

  4. Mount Naupa

  5. Formosa Camp Resort

These campsites are safe to camp in, seeing as all of them are quite famous. You can even view their photos on Instagram if you like, just to see which one appeals to you the most.

Thinking Outside the Box?

Of course, if you would rather do something that isn’t in the norm, you could always go for a very thrilling date. If you have exciting hobbies that require your body to really get out there, then you could share them as ideas to your date. Or maybe there are some things that you’ve always wanted to try doing.

You will rarely find a Cebuana who doesn’t want to try new and fun things. Explore places outside Cebu and share some of these date ideas below:

  1. Rock climbing at Cantabaco

  2. Bungee jumping at Sky Shot

  3. Sardine run-diving in Moalboal

  4. Cave adventure in Samar

  5. Hiking in Mount Pulag

  6. Surfing in Siargao

  7. Wakeboarding in Camarines Sur

  8. Rafting in Kalinga

  9. Canyoneering in Badian

  10. Ultralight flying in Pampanga

Why Not Cook for Her?

If you would rather do something special for your date and have exceptional talent in the kitchen, then she will greatly appreciate it if you decide to cook for her.

Most Filipinas know their way around the house, especially in the kitchen, since most Filipinas have their mothers teach them at a young age how to cook. But just because they love doing house chores and love cooking for other people doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a man who knows how to cook.

They love a man who can cook. A lot of women around the world love men who can cook. So if you want to impress her with your culinary skills, invite her over to your place and plan a dinner date with her. Cook her a meal that you know she will love.

It could be a dish that you are most proficient in or it could be one that is native to the Philippines itself. She will most likely be impressed either way.

Don’t Forget to Give Her a Gift!

a couple during valentine’s A Valentine’s date requires gifts to be given!

Each date requires a gift. You can’t just show up empty-handed. If you want to make a lasting impression and really make a girl like you, give her a Valentine’s gift.

This could range from flowers to chocolates, or even huge teddy bears. Some girls love it when they have to carry something so obnoxiously cuddly around in public. They do it with bashfulness and with smugness too. To them, nothing beats being given a nice gift by the man they like and getting to show it off in public.

Now that you know what to do for Valentine’s Day, start planning your date! Remember that hotels and other establishments will get very packed and busy the closer we are to February 14. It’s best to get ahead of everyone!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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