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Foreign Dating 101 | Cebuana Dating No-Nos

Foreign dating no-nos Find out what you need to avoid doing when dating a Cebuana.

The internet has certainly changed the way people date. One of its advantages is accessibility. You could just as easily connect with a foreign woman like a Cebuana as you would with a woman from across the street. But there is also a downside to it.

As easy as it is for people to start a relationship, it’s become just as easy to end it as well—and often not in a good way.

Just because the dating sites and dating apps made dating more accessible, it still does not give anyone free rein to trivialize or devalue relationships. Not only is this rude, but it ruins your chances with other women as well — especially if you’ve gained a bad reputation already. When it comes to foreign dating (especially when it’s mostly done online), you still have to put your best foot forward.

If you want a more concrete idea of what you shouldn’t do, then here’s a list of top modern dating no-nos:

  1. Don’t ghost
  2. If you aren’t connecting with someone at all, it’s better to come clean about it than just leaving her hanging in the air. Others consider ghosting to be the most inconsiderate and insensitive thing a man can do to a woman.

    At least, when you mutually agree to cut ties, there’s a definitive end; whereas if you ghost her, you’re just leaving her hanging. So end things properly so that she won’t hold on to any false hopes anymore.

  3. Don’t have a cheeky username
  4. There’s nothing wrong with poking fun at yourself. However, being too cheeky also makes you look devious. Instead, pick a username that reflects your true personality or at least some of your interests. You have better chances of interacting with Filipina women this way. Besides, usernames like Imthe14u and Manlyman182 are sure to deter potential matches.

  5. Don’t use inappropriate pictures for your profile
  6. There’s no rule against not using your own photo for your profile. However, that shouldn’t mean you could just use any picture. To be on the safe side, better not use memes because some of them have offensive content.

    Another disturbing trend among men today is using a picture of their abs for their profile photo. While you may have impressive abs, using it would just make you seem pretentious and ostentatious. It wouldn’t hurt to use a profile picture with your face on it.

  7. Don’t send illicit messages
  8. This definitely goes without saying. This is one of the surest ways to offend potential matches. You would also come across as rude and misogynistic.

    When you are communicating with a woman, try to be as engaging as possible. And considering you are interacting with a Filipina, it helps to know which topics are considered taboo in their culture so you won’t inadvertently offend her.

  9. Don’t be entitled
  10. Even if you are on your best behavior and have put your best foot forward, it won’t guarantee that things would go your way. What’s wrong is resenting the woman for not responding the way you want her to. Instead, give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you just don’t have any chemistry. Whatever the case, being entitled won’t get you any good results.

To sum it all up, you just have to treat women with respect regardless of whether you are engaging with them in person or online. A cordial exchange, after all, is the best first step into making deeper connections.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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