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Starting Conversations with Filipino Women | Approaching Women

A photo of a beautiful Filipino woman smiling Here's how you can ease through your conversations with Filipino women. | Photo by James Reyes on Pexels

Did you sign up on a Filipino dating site and are now wondering how to communicate with those women?

There’s a guideline for dating Filipino women online, considering how limited with options online daters are. If you’re tired of the mere “hello” and “how are you” as conversation starters without any real chances of gearing towards deeper and more meaningful conversations, reading this will help you navigate the online dating platform, as well as increase your success in finding the right partner among so many beautiful Filipino women.

Aside from using cheesy pick up lines, here are some tips for talking to Filipinas online:

  • Read through her profile first.
  • A lot of men go past reading beautiful women’s profiles and don't think twice about sending messages or kick-starting questions that are already answered in their profile. Their address, hobbies, and passions may already be stated there, so brewing answers from them with these basic questions will probably just lead to another boring conversation that is so common to those inept with online dating.

    Approaching women on a Filipino dating app or site is pretty simple. Forget the commonly used conversation starters and aim to be a little different from the rest. Take note that you’ll have to be the first to message Filipina ladies as it is in their dating culture for men to take the lead, which remains to be true even online.

    If you are unsure of what to say, simply make a classy compliment. But if you aren’t even sure with your compliment as well, try the next step.

  • Start with a question, preferably with a touch of humor.
  • After checking her profile, you’ll know what questions are ideal to ask. Let your “how are you’s” be coupled with engaging questions, or talk about what has caught your attention on her profile. You can ask her things that aren’t mentioned in her profile and never ask her right away if she’s willing to meet you for a date in person.

    If you’ve got a good sense of humor, stick with that. Every woman looks for a man who can make her laugh, which is more important when dating a Filipino woman. A typical, upbeat beautiful woman will always be drawn to men with great humor.

  • Keep the conversation light.
  • One dating advice to take note of when dating Filipino women is not to rush. These women prefer to know guys better before dating them. So no matter how gorgeous the pictures of Filipino women are, you’re not entitled to calling them endearment names right away. Doing so will make you sound like a creep - so no honey, baby, or any other pet names, alright?

    In the early part of your conversation, try to avoid asking about her social media as doing so can make you sound desperate. If your conversations start to go deeper, whether it's through a certain communication platform or dating app, perhaps you can ask about her social media info and add her as a friend on any one of them.

    Don’t ask for additional pictures early on as well. Aside from it being unethical, your Filipina interest may find it offensive.

    Since you’re on a dating site, you might as well acknowledge the fact that meeting women you’ve virtually been communicating with is your ultimate goal. At the end of it all, you will have to meet her for real to see if you really have a chemistry beyond the virtual realm.

    Virtual chats and video calls aren’t enough to determine whether you both can connect with each other. You shouldn’t miss the power of eye contact and real human connection, so make sure that you make plans to meet her for a real-life date after you’ve found a suitable match among thousands of other Filipino women on the dating site you’ve signed up with.

How to Approach Filipino Women Offline

You can always choose to meet Filipino ladies offline. There are some legitimate dating sites that cater to clients who interact with women through virtual chat messaging to real-life meetups. This is easier compared to having to fly to the Philippines to find a date and wondering if it will ever work out.

You will have a lot to learn, such as knowing where to meet and how to approach a girl, which can be made easier when you go in a group with other men with the same intentions of finding the right woman to love and settle down with.

For now, whether solo or in a group, here are some tips on what to say to a Filipina girl or how to act around her:

  • “Hi/Hello, how are you?”
  • Filipino women take this question as a means to get to know them, although it may just sound like a resounding “hello” to you. If you meet your special lady on a social occasion, make sure that you greet her with a warm smile. This applies to when you’re meeting with her at a coffee shop or when you're on a dinner date.

    Simply be approachable. Filipino girls love to be around friendly, upbeat individuals like them.

  • Be respectful throughout your interactions.
  • If you are in a group and can finally single her out, remind yourself to always be respectful and formal. Since you just met, don’t try too hard to show off your humor right away. Start a conversation by giving her compliments or talking about the event, Filipino cuisine, or their culture. It doesn’t have to be all about her looks.

  • Don’t ask for her number.
  • In the Philippines, asking for someone’s phone number may be a big deal as Filipinos tend to give their phone numbers only to close friends and families for emergency purposes. If you want to communicate with her further, ask for her Facebook name so you can add her as a friend. Make sure that you start the chat, too. She may be waiting for you to do just that.

    All things considered, be sure that you're ready to ask Filipino women out on a date! Once you have the confidence to do so, keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will come naturally to you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 April, 2024
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