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Woman glaring at her partner in bed. It’s not always enough to simply find love.

There’s a fairly popular song that takes the position that, in a relationship, love is not enough in certain times. But for a man who is dating a Filipina may or may not be susceptible to such insecurity. Because there are times when a relationship may not be worth the effort and hardship. But there are also times when they are more than worth it.

There’s more than a few people who have this notion that being in love is sunshine and puppies and kittens. That’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. There are relationships that are going to be smooth sailing from their inception. But it’s more than likely that you’re going to wade into rough waters if you’re with a Filipino woman.

Maybe you met her using one of those matchmaking services or something similar to that. But whatever the case, there is distance between the two of you.

That hardship might be because of your personalities, or it may be because Filipino women tend to congregate around the Philippines and you may not be in the same country as them. That’s not the kind of thing that is easily solved with some poems and grand romantic gestures.

Yes, distance has a way of killing relationships. Not being in the same country or even continent as the person that you are romantically interested in can really take a toll not just on the relationship itself, but on the people therein. The signs that a Filipina likes you might be there, but they’re all for naught if she isn’t.

But it’s not just physical distance that keeps you apart. Yeah, distance is a pretty significant factor a lot of the time. But it’s not the only one. Sometimes, you’re together and one of you isn’t all in or is apprehensive about the relationship as a whole. Sometimes, the water’s getting choppy and you have to decide to stay onboard or abandon ship. To help you assess whether the relationship is working or not, consider these factors:

  1. Time Together
  2. A crucial point in the long-term viability of a relationship is whether or not you two still enjoy spending time together. It’s important not just to like your partner romantically, but also to be friends with them to a certain degree.

    This doesn’t mean that you hang out with them 24/7. But this does mean that the two of you enjoy each other’s presence. This doesn’t mean that you tolerate one another, but that you actively look forward to spending time with one another. Beautiful Filipino women don’t just make great mates, they can also be great friends.

  3. Similar Goals
  4. People generally have a list of things that they want to accomplish; goals that they want to get done while they still have the time to do it.

    Now, when it comes to those goals, it’s generally best to have a partner that shares those same goals. If their goals aren’t exactly the same, then complementary goals will suffice. If that’s not the case, then a couple should at least have goals that are not contradictory to those of their partner.

    If a person’s goals conflict with those of their partner, then the relationship is kind of doomed. Dating a Filipina isn’t something that a lot of men want to end in heartbreak.

  5. Shields Down
  6. In a relationship, there may be a bit of tension in the beginning. People putting on facades so that they appear to be the best versions of themselves.

    But eventually, the facade crumbles and the person that you’re with is supposed to see the reality behind it.

    But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a person never feels at ease with their partner and continues to put up their facade.

    One great way to tell if someone is still guarded is by the way that they eat. If they’re relaxed and carefree when you’re both trying so desperately hard to find love, then chances are that’s all going to work out.

    That’s not always a good sign in a relationship. Being comfortable enough around each other to be real is often a sign that the relationship is on steady legs.

  7. Presence
  8. Relationships aren’t like television shows. Sure, they’re depicted on television shows all the time, but they are not the same thing. Relationships aren’t just something a person can mentally check out. If you or your partner is mentally not there, then the chances of the relationship being there in the future aren’t all that good.

    There’s going to be some problems marrying a Filipino woman. Don’t let apathy ruin your relationship.

    Of course, if just being present in the relationship is too much effort for someone, then maybe they shouldn’t be in the relationship. People deserve someone who isn’t going to treat them like a chore to be done, so they should find someone who won’t treat them like a chore.

  9. Solutions and Such
  10. Every relationship will have its problems. Sometimes, those problems will be internal. Common examples include conflicting goals, divergent values, and the like. Other times, those problems will be external in nature; work, life, families.

    The trick is to find out which problems are external and internal. An external problem is so much more easily solved than an internal one. Internal problems can cause a relationship to implode and collapse into itself, leaving nothing behind but a pair of broken hearts.

    A person should take a minute and assess their relationship if they’re unsure about the direction that it’s heading in. They need to ask themselves if the effort they’re putting into it is worth it.

    Relationships aren’t always the easiest thing in the world to navigate and manage. There’s a lot of guys who are either dating a Filipina or they want to start doing so that really need to understand the complexity that is opening your heart up to another person. The thing about opening up is that exposes you and gives the person an opportunity to crush said heart. Or they can take in their hand and cradle it like some precious jewel.

    Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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