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Online Dating in Cebu: How to Be Better at It

With the internet, dating in Cebu has become a different ball game for many foreign nationals. But in some ways, it remains similar to traditional dating.

If you think online dating is a maze you find hard to get out of, it isn’t only you.

According to Pew Research Center, a high number of online daters admitted that they haven’t actually gone on a date with someone they’ve talked to online.

image graphic of a man and woman who found love through online dating Find out how you can make dating in Cebu a worthwhile experience.

Even though the number of individuals on online dating sites continues to skyrocket, more than a third of them haven’t succeeded in finding genuine and lasting love just yet.

How could this be?

The Fundamentals of Internet Dating

Signing up on an online dating app is only for the strong-willed.

Before hitting that register button, ask yourself if you’re ready to face what’s ahead of you. Anticipate the worst to help you get by.

As the old saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.”

Harry Reis, Ph.D. and Professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester, believes that this applies to online dating because you take chances with potential partners and it may take quite a while before you find your match.

Traditional Dating vs Online Dating

No matter how different these kinds of dating platforms or experiences are in terms of how it’s done, they remain similar in some way.

Before you get to meet potential partners in the flesh, you’ve already known information about them after you’ve scrolled through their profile or engaged in conversations with them online.

Similarly, in traditional dating, you may also know information about them from your friends or family, that is if you’ve been set up together, or if you met them from a previous encounter, wherein you may also know a little.

According to research by Lara Hallam from the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp, age is the primary strong predictor of what makes daters meet in person.

After all, many rely on intermediaries when it comes to finding the right match.

Choosing Who You Should Date

Deciding who you should date is one of the most important life decisions you could ever make. It affects not only your present, but particularly your future.

image graphic of elements of online dating To be successful in online dating, you must understand how it works.

It brings major changes in your life you’d never think would happen. When you consider who your life partner should be, remember these:

  1. They are someone honest.

  2. They crave what you want – love, stability, and marriage.

  3. They respect you for who you are.

  4. You both have shared values.

  5. They are committed and willing to invest in the relationship.

  6. They know how to be a great friend.

  7. They have good anger management.

  8. They are forgiving and they know how to ask for forgiveness.

Now, these characteristics are some of what many Cebuana women have. Although they’re naturally shy, you’ll realize how great of a person they can be when you get to interact with them.

Finding Your Way through Online Dating

To be in a relationship with a woman from Cebu island requires you to date them the right way. It can be even more challenging when it comes to being aware of their culture and upbringing. Then again, hard work always pays off.

Here are a few guidelines to help you know how to date these ladies better online:

  1. Be you.

Being true to yourself is the best thing to do when dating. No one else can be like you, and that’s what makes you unique.

As you date potential partners, be honest with who you are and what you’re looking for. It’s easier for women to spend time with you, seeing that your intentions are pure.

In fact, research has shown that people tend to fall more for someone similar to them. If they see that you both share the same goals and long-term plans, there is a higher chance that things will work out.

  1. Trust the right applications.

Cebu City is among the top cities in the Philippines most visited by travelers. If you’re looking for a match among Cebuana ladies online, trust the right dating apps.

Consequently, the rising popularity of online dating gave birth to hundreds and thousands of mobile dating apps that have now flooded the internet.

When dealing with which sites and applications to use, be selective. Always be mindful.

  1. Keep an open mind.

Internet dating isn’t for you if you can’t welcome new things.

Just because someone doesn’t share your kind of fun means you should readily give up on them. Be constantly open to the possibility that meeting new people helps you grow more as a person.

image graphic of a silhouette of a man and woman facing each other You can build a relationship with a woman from Cebu through online dating.

Keep in mind that steady personal growth is most needed to make relationships last, especially when you finally find the right one.

  1. Be concise.

Your profile isn’t an autobiography.

Women scroll through dating profiles quickly. If they glance at yours and see a wall of text, they will automatically dismiss you.

Make your bio straight to the point and interesting at the same time. Highlight what you want women to know about you best, and include those that make you distinctive from everyone else.

Details wherein 70% of it is about you and 30% is about what you’re looking for should be an ideal balance.

  1. Enjoy it.

Navigating your way through dating apps shouldn’t be a task for you.

If you find your situation not improving when it should be, take a break and consider other methods. You need to do so when you’re not enjoying such activity.

No matter what, don’t neglect to check in on yourself regularly.

  1. Don’t self-blame.

No one has to accept blame for your online dating failures. Not even yourself.

It’s an unhealthy trait to possess and it causes you to lose confidence and trust in yourself. When you stumble, rise back up again. It isn’t the end of the world.

Love will come to you when it’s time and when you least expect it.

Being Better by Being You

One simple rule to be successful in online dating is to be you.

You don’t have to put on a mask and pretend you’re someone else. For you to find love, be true to who you are.

The right woman will accept you no matter what. Loving means opening yourself up to someone without fear of being judged.

When dating in Cebu, be better by being you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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