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Best First Date Locations in Cebu City | Dating Filipinas

A photo of a man and a woman holding hands on a date First date locations can help make or break a relationship.

Men who are not from Cebu City find themselves wanting to travel here and meet the ladies. But since they are not from the city, they may not always have a lot of perfect date ideas.

Some date ideas, perfect or otherwise, can be hard to come by under the best of circumstances, and being in a foreign city may not always be the best of circumstances, which makes coming up with date ideas for couples a little hard.

Now, dates are a pretty important facet of modern courtship. It's how two people get to know each other. It gives them an opportunity to connect on a level that can become romantic, and that connection can be a means to create a relationship.

The dates themselves, because of their importance, have to be treated with some level of reverence. They have to be good because a bad date is a great way to convince someone to rethink their decision to spend time with the person with whom they were on a date.

This, of course, means that the locations for your dates are going to be of great importance. A restaurant or a coffee shop is generally safe, but there are times when playing it safe can be underwhelming. There’s a difference between being consistent and being bland.

Not all dates have to be crazy. Sometimes, sitting down for a cup of coffee can be great, and so is walking around a park. Sometimes, it is not about the location of the date, but the company. In fact, a good company can make a pretty rundown place feel like a palace.

That said, location is still pretty important, and the city of Cebu has a few locations that can make for some pretty good date locations.

1. Ayala / SM / Robinson’s Galleria

Now the thing that needs to be understood about the Philippines is that it is a very hot country. Because of its location in Southeast Asia, the temperature can get pretty high, and that can be pretty uncomfortable. So people find ways to escape the heat that can also be a bit consuming.

A shopping mall is a great place to escape the heat. Because of its wide avenues and climate control, a mall offers a place for people to just walk around while also not having to suffer from the heat that is so common in the Philippines.

aerial view of Ayala Business Center Mall Ayala Business Center is the go-to shopping mall of locals.

Cebu has multiple malls, but there are three that stand out, with the first two being stalwarts of the city, and the third being a little newer. Ayala and SM are both pretty well-known among the residents of Cebu, and when their names are mentioned, most people will generally know what are being referred to.

Robinson’s Galleria is relatively new, especially when compared to the latter two, but it’s a pretty great place to just walk around in an air-conditioned setting.

Now, those three malls are not far from hotels, so visitors who are staying at hotels are not going to have a hard time finding these malls.

2. Tops Lookout

Cebu City is a great city, and a beautiful one, to boot. But it can sometimes be hard to appreciate that beauty when you’re on the ground, in the middle of it. Sometimes, a bird’s eye view is needed in order to truly appreciate that beauty.

Most people get a bird’s eye view, or an approximation of one, by using an airplane or a helicopter. Now, airplanes are not ideal for traveling and helicopters may not be available, so getting a view from the top is not all that feasible barring jet packs or humans developing natural flight.

The closest thing that people can do in order to get a view from a pretty high vantage point is to get to a pretty high vantage point. Well, Cebu has a place that is perfect for that. It may not be in the sky, but it is way up there.

Tops Lookout is an attraction that is pretty high up in the mountains, offering visitors a view of the city that can take your breath away, and it can also be the perfect place for a date.

3. Fort San Pedro

The Philippines used to be a Spanish colony. This much is evident in a lot of the traditions, family names, and naming customs, many of which display Hispanic influences. One of the earliest and most evident physical pieces of evidence of such heritage is Fort San Pedro, which can be pretty great if you’re looking for ideal first date locations.

Originally built as a military installation, as most forts are, Fort San Pedro has become a tourist destination and is located a stone’s throw away from City Hall, also near other attractions.

4. Basilica del Santo Nino

Another remnant of the Philippines’ Hispanic roots is in its Catholicism, and there are a few examples of that Catholicism better than the Basilica del Santo Nino. Built in the mid-1700s, the basilica is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and is the oldest Catholic church in the whole country.

Now, a basilica may be out of the comfort zones of most foreigners, but it is well within the comfort zone of many Filipinas.

5. Museo Sugbo

Cebu is a pretty old city and there’s a lot of history because of how old it is. That history, or at least part of it, can be seen at Museo Sugbo, which as the name suggests, is a museum. What the name does not suggest is that the museum is housed in what used to be a prison.

6. The Taoist Temple

vibrant landscape photo of the Taoist Temple Cebu Escape the fast-paced world of Cebu City by visiting the tranquil Taoist Temple.

Now, the Philippines has a pretty good chunk of the Chinese diaspora, and Cebu is part of that. Cebu has a pretty big population of Filipinos of Chinese descent, and that population helped to create something to reflect their heritage. That creation has become a fairly well-known landmark.

Located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Cebu, the Taoist Temple is open to the public, which makes it rank pretty high among the many unique date ideas you can come up with.

7. Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Bask into the thrill and excitement of the wild, all while igniting romance. Indulge your ‘into-your-wildlife-adventurer’ persona as you both get to experience and sight the wonders of flora and fauna.

Other than the scenic tour, they also offer various interactive activities that couples can enjoy. From petting baby farm animals to exhilarating rides such as zip line, sky bike, and a GIANT SWING.

If you and your partner are prepared to escape the bustling metro and into something new and magnificent, an adventure awaits above the lovely and picturesque hills of Carmen, around an hour's drive from Cebu City.

8. Cebu Ocean Park

As the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines, a first date experience at the Cebu Ocean Park will surely spark a child-like wonder for both you and your partner. This wonderful journey would give you a diverse educational experience from their wildlife and deep water attractions to breathtaking animal interactions.

Other than the sight to behold in such a magical place underwater, you could literally take a feast and spend an evening of nature’s wonder with their Aquadining experience, where you could embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure at the first and only underwater dining place not only in Cebu City but in all of the Philippines.

A woman pointing at a fish on an oceanarium Visiting Cebu Ocean Park is a unique date idea to try while you’re in Cebu City.

This adventure awaits you where it is conveniently located just beside the SM Seaside Complex.

9. SM Seaside Ice Skating Rink

Channel your inner Elsa and Jack Frost on an ice skating date! While we live in a tropical country where there is little chance to step on ice, an ice skating rink date might be a refreshing experience.

It could be a daunting idea to try ice skating for the first time and there’s the fear of appearing silly while you tumble and fall, it would guarantee a moment full of laughs and who knows, maybe a couple of physical interactions. Just make sure that when she falls, she’ll fall on you gently or the two you could land softly on that ice. You both will leave that rink both lively and giddish.

10. Anjo World Theme Park

Known as Cebu’s gateway to the Funtastic World of Surprises, Anjo World Theme Park will surely tickle your fancy for the thrill and excitement. For a very low price, you get to enjoy a day full of fun with more than ten rides and many arcade games to enjoy.

Their rides and attractions' intensity can vary to whatever your heart desire. You can chill and witness an awestruck view of the city with their 200-feet Ferris wheel, or experience an adrenaline rush in the 25-meter Tower Drop.

An amusement park is not complete without its game machine and an arcade arena where you can try to win your girl’s heart by winning her a stuffed toy in a shoot the ball game machine. Anjo World Theme Park also boasts its world-class ice theme park where you can experience a magical ice wonderland. It is safe to say that this place is Cebu’s own slice of heaven on earth and there is no doubt you’ll end your date with a chock-full of wonderful and fun memories.

Dating can be a fun thing, but coming up with ideas for places on which those dates can occur is not. Then again, Cebu City has a pretty extensive list of options for men looking to date Filipina women to make sure that you will never run out of perfect date ideas.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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