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Do Filipino Women Like Going to Concerts? Dating Filipinas

Audience in black and white. Musical theatre can help with your romantic relationship.

For a lot of guys, dating Filipinas is something that’s just out of reach. But it does not have to be completely out of reach. Because of international matchmaking services, guys who aren’t in the Philippines or even anywhere near the Philippines can now achieve their goal of being with a Filipino woman.

Some confidential dating services even set up proper dates for their users, having social events so their users can meet and mingle. Many matchmaking services go a step further and facilitate one-on-one dates for two users who hit it off in ways both normal and unexpected.

But not all dates can be set up by a matchmaker. Sometimes it’s on you to make sure that the date happens and goes well. You can look up some dating advice to get this done, but there’s also one thing that you can do to make the date go smoothly.

One of those things is to arrange to see some musical performances. Dinner and a show at a cinema is all well and good, but a live musical experience brings about a different kind of flair to it. It’s not the usual popcorn-and-soda experience, largely because there’s nothing quite like watching talented musicians performing their best. Of course, who could pass the chance to enjoy good music?

There’s a lot of reasons to take her to a concert or an establishment with a live band, such as:

  1. The Performances are Spectacles
  2. There are few things in life more compelling than a good show and there are few shows in life as good as that on stage. There’s a certain level of spectacle and showmanship that goes into a production, a level of pageantry that cannot be matched by other shows.

    Live musical performances can be a dazzling thing indeed, the kind of thing that can blow Filipina women away when it’s done right and done properly. So when trying to find a musical show or concert to take your date to, make sure that it’s one that’s being put on by skilled performers.

  3. It’s a Different Experience
  4. Live musical performances have a certain flair about it that other forms of entertainment do not have. That’s because it takes a different kind of showmanship to get up on stage and perform—and to perform well. There is hardly any room for error once singers and musicians get on stage and start their set.

    So there’s a certain level of risk involved for the performers, but that level of risk brings about an experience that can’t really be replicated by any other type of entertainment and being different can sometimes be good in a romantic relationship.

  5. Filipinos Like Music
  6. The thing about Filipinos is that they like music. When you are dating Filipinas, there is a chance that they would be musically inclined. They could either play an instrument or be a vocalist in an amateur band.

    When you take them to a concert or even just witness a live performance, they would most likely sing along. If you can’t take them to a show, another date idea would be to go to a karaoke place with her and some friends.

  7. Watching Them is just Pure Fun
  8. Being on the front row while a professional musician plays their trade live and in the flesh can be a pretty transcendent experience that can’t really be replicated by any other form of entertainment.

    It’s also a great connector. That shared experience can break down the ice faster than any conversation would. Taking her to a musical show is also a great way to get to know her. You can get a glimpse of her personality and even musical taste based on whether she enjoys herself or not.

  9. They can be Romantic
  10. Music goes hand in hand with dancing. When dating Filipinas while at a live show, you have the perfect excuse to dance with her regardless of whether it’s a fast song or a slow song. Having said that, a musical show can set a romantic ambience.

  11. Learn all about Filipino culture
  12. Music is also a great introduction to another culture. Original Pinoy Music (OPM) is quite diverse in its scope, so it encompasses a lot of different styles. Listening to any Filipino song would give you insight on what makes them happy, sad, and even funny.

    Aside from expanding your musical catalog, listening to OPM also helps you learn their language, whether Tagalog, Bisaya, or any other dialect. And what better way to impress your Filipina date than by mastering some phrases. In short, listening to OPM does have its fair share of perks.

  13. They can Last a While
  14. A lot of musical acts can run for over two hours. Factor in dinner, then it’s a whole night planned for. Planning out a date can be pretty difficult a lot of the time, and going to a musical show can make the planning a whole lot easier. So buying a couple of tickets to see one can make dating more feasible.

    Of course, while live shows can be fun and romantic, that’s not the important part. The important part about going to a musical as a date is the music itself. It’s that you and your partner are together enjoying each other’s company. The concert or gig itself is just supposed to enhance the experience that you’re already in.

    Plus, however long the show lasts is a good time for you to get to know your date. You can ask her questions in between songs or even just comment about the show as it progresses. All in all, you have the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.

Dating Filipinas isn’t about having an adequate or okay time. It’s about having a time that goes from good to great and musical performances can make that happen. Also when music is involved, you’d be hard pressed to find a Filipina who would say no to you. So getting a couple of tickets is not a bad idea.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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