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Courting a Filipina: Traditional vs Modern

A Filipina holding an orange flower When courting a Filipina, it helps to know the modern and traditional Filipino dating culture.

Few things are as exciting as courting Filipina women for marriage. They’re known all over the world for their lively disposition, and for their hospitality. If you want to be taken care of, a Filipina will be your best possible match.

Online dating has widened the horizons for singles seeking to find potential partners. From what was once a local search, online dating apps and matchmaking services have given more opportunities to find love.

A large number of men around the world have chosen Filipinas to spend the rest of their lives with. Statistics say that a huge majority of international marriages involving a Filipina woman resulted in lower divorce rates.

The culture of the Philippines is rich and vibrant. Filipina women embrace their culture and find zero embarrassments in the quirks. The beauty of a Filipina woman transcends her physical attributes. Her beauty stems from an all-encompassing combination of her looks and her cultural identity.

Filipino Dating Culture

In Filipino culture, Filipinas are expected to embrace their good upbringing. This is why the Filipino dating culture is known to be more conservative. Women are to be seen as shy and secretive in Filipino culture. Filipinas strictly adhere to stringent conservative cultural values such as dating only under supervision.

Modern Filipino dating culture has been adapting to modernization and is currently westernizing. Conservatism is still practiced but is no longer as strictly adhered to as it was before.

Case in point, certain public displays of affection are now considered to be acceptable. Things like holding hands, hugging, and even kissing in public are becoming more and more prevalent in Philippine society. Public displays of affection like in western cultures are still considered taboo. To delve deeper, let’s compare traditional vs. modern courtship in the Philippines:

Traditional Filipino Courtship

A Filipina wearing a traditional costume The traditional way of courting a woman still forms part of Filipino culture and values.

The traditional Filipino courtship process is, as we have discussed, very conservative. For most of these courtship processes, it may take years before the woman accepts the suitor’s love.

The process usually starts with the man approaching the lady and respectfully telling her of his intent to court her. When a suitor is cowardly or torpe, couples may be introduced by Tulay (literally meaning bridge or wingman in Western culture).

The suitor may then start courting the lady by giving her gifts or writing her love letters. They can go on dates, but supervision will be in place to ensure the lady is playing demure or mahinhin.

A fun and popular gesture of affection is called the Harana. During Harana, a suitor and his friends visit the woman at home (usually by the lady’s window) and serenade her.

Another gesture to show the commitment of the suitor is by rendering service to the lady’s family. This could be in the form of chopping firewood, fetching water, or any else that the family may need assistance with. This is often called Paninilbihan.

The first is the Pamamanhikan. This Filipino phrase translates to "go up the stairs" in English. Essentially, this means that the family of the groom visits the family of the bride at their residence.

This is the first time both families will meet. During this meeting, details of the wedding may also be discussed. Most importantly, the blessings of both families are given during this time as well.

Modern Courtship in the Philippines

A modern Filipina staring at the camera Modern Filipino dating culture is a mixture of traditional and modernized courtship.

The modern process of courting a Filipina in the Philippines is currently highly Westernized. However, it still does retain the cultural traits of the traditional courtship process. For one, courtship processes no longer last years. It may take a little while for the couple to become official but long years of courtship are now uncommon.

The gesture of servitude is no longer a widespread practice these days. Men still try to woo the lady’s family by offering gestures of service. These acts of service are usually small acts of favor. Gone are the days when men can be seen chopping wood and carrying buckets of water for the lady’s household.

The modern courtship in the Philippines also retains the familial culture and tradition of the Filipinos. The Pamamanhikan is still a common practice nowadays. This tradition has not evolved much compared to the other traditional customs.

The modern courtship process has not just taken influence from the western culture but through technology as well.

Today, the advancement of technology has aided the communication process of couples. Text messages, emails, and video chats are just some of the communication dynamics that couples today enjoy.

The tradition of sending love letters and writing poems is still considered romantic in the Filipino dating culture.

A huge number of singles are turning to online dating apps and online matchmaking services to find potential partners.

Online matchmaking is the number one service Filipino women use when searching for foreign partners. Filipinas especially seek services with an established name in the business.

Why Should You Date a Filipina?

Who’s to say that one nationality or race is better to date than the other? However, dating a Filipina can be a breathtaking experience with a myriad of possibilities. If you’re a man who is ready to do whatever it takes to meet the quintessential woman of your dreams, read on to be convinced on why you should date a Filipina (not that you would need convincing once you meet one).

1. She will be your instant happy pill.

Filipinos in general are known for having great personalities, but women tip the scale way too much on their side. They strive to constantly keep a good outlook on life and are effervescent, happy, and upbeat. Rest assured that a Filipina will always cheer you on the good days, and will make an effort to turn your frown into a smile during the bad days. She will become your personal sunshine in the middle of a storm.

Filipina smiling at camera Filipino culture and values encourage positivity, and Filipino women embrace this trait.

2. She will hold your honor.

Take our word when we say that Filipina women will never embarrass you, on purpose nonetheless. Most Filipino families still hold high value on their children’s upbringing and that just means to say that most Filipinas are brought up with good manners. If not all, most of them are trained to act properly and decently, especially in public or when meeting someone new. They can paint a good picture out of you even without them trying too hard.

3. She will be your ride or die.

Resiliency is a trait embedded in every fiber of a Filipina. That means that she won’t get easily intimidated by any hardships in life, which makes them good partners. Expect her to stick through no matter what, as long as you won’t shut her out.

4. She will pick your brain.

You will be surprised at how most Filipino women are both streets smart and book smart. She will amuse you with her witty banters and quick remarks. Filipinas love to learn new things and are very good at that. You can see it in the way they are naturally resourceful and that they are almost always ready to bounce back at whatever the world throws at them. With this, expect them to talk about practically anything and have an opinion on everything. You will definitely fall in love with her smart mouth.

5. She will make you her king but will act as a queen herself.

If dating someone is a job, Filipinas are to be expected to give exemplary service. Many people across the world could testify how Filipinos are very caring and thoughtful individuals, and they make it especially true for their partners. Most Filipinas don't mind waking up earlier and cooking food for their partners. In fact, they’re most likely to enjoy it. They will always make sure to make you feel loved at all times.

Still, don’t take their caring attitude as total submissiveness. Sure they will do whatever they can to make you feel like a king, but won’t tolerate any mistreatment. She’s a woman who knows her worth and won’t hesitate to walk out the door when being treated less than what she deserves.

Dating a Filipina woman may be different compared to how dating in your home country is. If you date a Filipina, you’re dating a beautiful and affectionate woman.

Courting a Filipina means experiencing parts of the local culture and the culture of the Philippines is rich and vibrant. Filipina women embrace their culture and are not embarrassed about their quirks. The beauty of a Filipina woman transcends her physical attributes. Her beauty stems from an all-encompassing combination of her looks and her cultural identity. It is no wonder why men from different parts of the world fall head over heels for these women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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