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Celebrating Couple Appreciation Month in Cebu

a girl wearing a hat in black dress Most Filipino women prefer your presence over material gifts.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “April?”

April Fool’s Joke? Spring? Fall?

How about “Couple Appreciation Month?”

Couple Appreciation Month was coined by Blissful Escapes, a tourism company, in the year 2010 to motivate couples by doing something special to reinforce their relationships. Since then, people have been embracing the idea of celebrating the whole month of April by showing their appreciation to their romantic partners. Moreover, the celebration is about remembering why they fell in love with their partner and going the extra mile to keep the fire burning.

If you’re dating a Filipino woman, you might want to keep this celebration in mind and look at some of these fantastic ideas to celebrate it in Cebu.

Make a Surprise Visit

When was the last time you’ve seen each other? How long do you spend time communicating online?

Surely, you’re both craving each other’s presence. So, what better way to get rid of that longingness than by visiting her in Cebu?

To make it more exciting, do it unannounced. When you’re in the airport, make a video call to her on Skype, Messenger, or whatever messaging platform you’re using to see the look on their face when they go giddy.

Revisit a Memorable Place

Was your first date in Cebu City or somewhere in the province?

If you still remember, arrange a date with her in that same place. And when you’re both there, you can reminisce about the good times together and add new memories to keep the love going.

Also, revisit a place where you asked her to be your girlfriend or when you got down on one knee to propose marriage. You can do something new this time, like doing an engagement photoshoot.

Give Her Flowers on a Random Day of the Week

A bouquet may just be one of the best gifts for your significant other. Whether it’s three red roses for “I love you” or a set of tulips for “you’re perfect,” giving them flowers is a solid way to express your affection.

To make the act more special, hand the flowers personally so you can see them giggle with romantic excitement.

Do the Harana

Harana is a lost Filipino courtship tradition wherein a man serenades the woman he loves outside her home at night. And if she opens the door or the window, it means she accepts the courageous display of affection. Do this to your Filipino woman and watch them go head over heels for you.

If you want to do the Harana for your romantic partner, try wearing a barong Tagalog (i.e., traditional Filipino attire for men) to be more traditional. And don’t forget to bring food and a bouquet of flowers!

the Basilica del Santo Niño in Cebu City Spend time learning more about Filipino culture in Cebu City.

Give Her a Hand-Written Letter, Note, or Poem

Call it old-school, but most Filipino women melt whenever they read a love letter or a romantic poem. Even a short heartfelt note will have them at the edge of their seats.

You don’t have to be a modern Shakespeare to be good at this. Write down what you really feel for her then you’re good to go.

Make sure to hand the letter to her for a more romantic and personal touch.

Do Outdoor Activities

If they like:

  1. Volunteering

You can start by volunteering with local outreach groups that feed the homeless in the city. Or by joining an organization that extends assistance by giving clothes and food to remote communities in mountainous areas.

You can also volunteer to feed stray cats and dogs if you’re both animal lovers or sign up to teach lessons to children who don’t have access to schools.

Volunteering can be impactful to your relationship: Firstly, it can bring you closer together through your shared experiences; Secondly, it engages you to discuss which outreach is important for you and your significant other, and lastly, you’ll both realize and learn to appreciate how fortunate you both are.

  1. Going On a Road Trip

They may have already been to some of the municipalities of Cebu. But if they’re raring to visit all 44 of them, you can help them achieve that dream by planning a road trip with them throughout Cebu.

Discover Cebu’s rich culture and history as you’ve never experienced before through each municipality’s tasty delicacies and natural wonders.

  1. Going to the Beach

According to Condé Nast Traveler, an award-winning travel magazine, Cebu was hailed as the best island in Asia in 2020 for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, from Bantayan Island in the north to Sumilon Island in the south.

Make sure to go beaching in Cebu during summer, which spans from March to May.

  1. Snorkeling and Diving

Monad Shoal in Malapascua boasts thresher sharks while Tan-awan in Oslob has whale sharks surfacing in the water a few meters from the shore. If you want to swim with a sardine run, Pescador in Moalboal is the best choice.

However, the islands around Mactan are popular go-to places if you want a world-class diving or snorkeling spot just near the major cities.

  1. Trekking
a girl standing on a peak Outdoor activities usually come with dating a Filipino woman.

Cebu has plenty of trails for both newbies and experienced hikers. You can choose from Sirao Peak, which is in the heart of the city, to Osmeña Peak, located in the municipality of Dalaguete in the south—or choose both!

It’s a win-win situation because you get to experience going to far-flung places and bond with your partner more.

However, if you’re not into trekking, it’s still worthwhile to try and experience it with your partner. Besides, once you see the view from the peaks of Cebu, you’ll forget that you have the cardio of a sloth.

Pay a Visit to Her Family

Filipinos are deeply rooted in their core values, and one of them is their love for their family. Take this opportunity to visit your partner’s family to show appreciation and respect. Besides, their family will be eager to know more about you.

Couples Appreciation Month doesn’t have to be a celebration limited to April. You can always show your love and affection to your partner anywhere and anytime.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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