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Cebu Restaurants Filipinas LOVE | Dating in the Philippines

A table in a restaurant. Take note of some of the best restaurants to take beautiful Filipinas to. | Photo by Kaboompics.com on Pexels

There’s a lot of men who haven't been to the Philippines but are very much interested in dating Filipinas. In order to get that particular goal done, many of them will turn to the internet, where social media and dating sites for singles have made finding a partner from outside their own country much easier to get done.

Of course, two people meeting on dating sites may still have to date and get to know each other. There are certain hallmarks of dating that couples generally go through, even those who meet on the best online dating sites.

One hallmark of dating is taking someone out to dinner. Now, there’s a reason that a dinner date, or really any type of date during which food is consumed, is a staple of the dating game, and the reason is that it works in a lot of scenarios.

Because there are some wait times at restaurants and the food is expected to be consumed slowly, couples are generally expected to connect with one another and talk about a wide variety of things, which is how they gauge whether or not the relationship should progress past that one date.

Now, the restaurant itself is going to be something of great importance. Bad food can put people in a bad mood, which can make them a lot less receptive to a person’s romantic overtures. Not to mention the reality that some restaurants are simply more expensive than others, and it can be pretty hard on the wallet to eat at these places consistently.

Of course, good food can put a person in a good mood, which can make them more open to romantic overtures. So the choice of restaurant is going to be something of great importance to a man who wants to maximize his chances at finding love.

Now, a man who is dating a Filipina woman in Cebu may find himself inundated with a litany of options to which he may take the woman, places where they will be able to connect as two people who may have a romantic spark between them. The right restaurant may just be the exact thing that tips the scales in his favor.

  1. Harbour City/Dimsum Break
  2. The Philippines has a pretty significant Chinese-Filipino community, with the oldest Chinatown in the world located in the country. This, of course, means that Chinese cuisine is popular, though usually given with a Filipino twist due to local influences.

    Anyone who wants a taste of Chinese cuisine with a Filipino twist will undoubtedly be served well by going to either a Harbour City or Dimsum Break branch as they serve Filipino-style Chinese fare. The great thing about these restaurants is that they’re found in most malls and shopping centers, so finding them is not going to be all that hard.

  3. Jollibee/Orange Brutus/Any Local Fast Food Chain
  4. Dating apps can do a lot of things. They can connect people to other people. They can help a person find the love of their lives.

    But there are a few things that even the best apps cannot do, and one of these things is filling someone’s stomach. But you know what fills up a stomach, does so quickly, and not for a lot of money? A fast food restaurant.

    The Philippines has a pretty big fast food tradition of its own. Jollibee is the single largest fast food chain in the country, and it owns a number of its own brands in-house. It also manages local branches of international chains.

    But what someone needs to understand about Filipino fast food, at least the fast food found in homegrown chains and not the ones imported into the country, is that it is a bit sweeter than what most Western tongues are used to.

    The reason for that sweetness is that Filipino people, including the Filipinas you may find yourself wanting to date, have a bit of a sweet tooth, and that sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, and Filipinos tend to be more than willing to oblige the aforementioned sweet tooth.

  5. Matia’s
  6. Mashed potatoes, french fries, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, fried chicken, tomato soup - all examples of comfort food. Filipinos have their own version of comfort food, and a lot of it is grilled and barbecued.

    Grilled chicken, pork belly, chicken skin, rice wrapped in leaves - all examples of Filipino-style comfort food, and all available at Matia’s, a pretty popular place in Banilad, next to a motorcycle dealership.

    Another benefit of this particular restaurant is that it’s not that expensive, and it's pretty accessible to a wide range of income. It’s also popular, with a wide range of customers coming to the restaurant to have some good food and a good time.

  7. Acacia Steakhouse
  8. Sometimes, a guy wants something a little more upscale than a fast food joint or an outdoor barbecue restaurant, which is why Cebu has a fair number of steakhouses, and one of them is the Acacia Steakhouse.

    Located in Green Valley Subdivision, right on Acacia Street, Acacia Steakhouse features a great selection of sumptuous meats and other dishes that a guy can enjoy with a beautiful Filipina woman that he met on an online dating site.

  9. Gelatissimo
  10. Now, not every meal needs to be savory. Maybe a guy just wants something sweet to cleanse his palette or to cool down in a hot and humid country, which is why a place like Gelatissimo exists with a number of branches in major malls.

    Offering a wide selection of gelato and other pastries, Gelatissimo offers a perfect place for a guy to get some gelato with a beautiful woman that he may or may not have met on free online dating sites.

    Food is a basic need for living. People need to consume it in order to keep on going. But food does not have to be utilitarian in nature. Food can also be for pleasure, for company, for ambiance. Food can be the very thing that brings men together with Filipinas whom they want to date.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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