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Binge Watching a Series with Filipino Women

Silhouette of a couple on a couch Binging a television series can help a romantic relationship.

There’s a lot of guys who are not always sure what to say to a Filipina girl. Then there are those men who managed to find themselves in a relationship with one. But the thing about dating Filipino women is that sometimes, it’s not always the easiest thing to go through in terms of the logistics involved in the relationship.

The main logistical problem is the distance. Dating a Filipina is relatively easy if you and your partner are in the same city or even the same continent. When that’s not the case, dating becomes that much harder.

Distance can make dating seem almost impossible since physical proximity is generally seen as an essential element to a romantic relationship. Without that proximity, being together romantically isn’t just hard—it’s tantamount to impossible.

But a lot of relationships of the long-distance variety often get together with the help of matchmaking services that make use of modern technology to pair those people up together in the first place. Couples can use that same technology in order to bridge their physical gaps until such time that those gaps seemingly cease to exist entirely.

Sure, a lot of people use email, instant messaging, and video chatting in order to keep the relationship alive. But that’s not the only way that technology can keep people together. There are other ways, ways that involve a tenet of popular culture.

Streaming video has become one of the many ways that people consume their media. Many shows are made specifically for on-demand video streaming services. Instead of watching one episode week to week, lots of people watch multiple episodes in a single sitting, sometimes finishing a whole season of premium television in a weekend where a traditional series would have taken four-to-six months under the traditional scheduling framework of releasing one episode at a time.

This innovation in the way television is consumed has become a boon for many a love life. Many couples cuddle on the couch and then press play on their favorite series. It’s very similar to watching a movie in a theater, except no one’s paying for popcorn and you’re allowed to pause the film being shown while you go to the bathroom and won’t have to rush back to your seat so that you don’t miss anything. In fact, not complaining about pausing could be one of the signs a Filipina likes you.

So there’s more than one reason to watch a series together. With that said, here are other reasons to Netflix-n-chill with your date:

  1. It’s a Thing You can Do Together
  2. For a lot of couples, watching a series together is serious business. It’s the thing that they do together that does not require them to leave the house or even to put on anything more than sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt.

    Some people take their binging so seriously that there are even those who consider a form philandering for their partner to watch episodes ahead of them. So if you’re with Filipino women and you’re both watching the same series on your preferred video streaming platform, make it a point to go at the same pace.

  3. You can Do It almost Anywhere
  4. The thing about video streaming is that the most important component of getting it done is an internet connection. With a phone or a laptop, a series can be watched anywhere in the world by anyone with an account on the platform of choice.

    Which means that a couple in a long-distance relationship should be more than capable of watching the same episodes at the same time so long as they get the timing right because time zones are a thing.

  5. When You’re Together, You can Cuddle
  6. Most television sets are placed in front of couches. The thing when it comes to couches is that they’re not exactly unlimited when it comes to space. There’s only so much space between the seats.

    That lack of space means that if two people, particularly if their relationship is romantic in nature, are sitting on the same couch, then the chances of them sitting very close to one another are very high.

    So, if you want an excuse to cuddle with your partner, invite them over to your couch, press PLAY on something you don’t actually care about watching, and then scoot over. Physical affection is part of what to expect when marrying a Filipina.

  7. A Lot of Content is Pretty Entertaining
  8. Life can get pretty stressful. Sometimes, people turn to fiction because they want to decompress, to see a hero win. But sometimes, those heroes can be pretty frustrating, especially if it’s a traditional series where the storytelling has to be stretched out over long seasons that consist of 22 episodes so character development and the overall story progression can be very slow.

    But a lot of television shows made by streaming services are more compact in nature. Part of it is because they sometimes have movie stars in the main roles and those stars cannot set aside six to eight months of a year for a television series when they have movies that they need to shoot.

  9. There’s Less Commitment
  10. The economic model of a streaming platform is different than that of a broadcast network. Digital streaming platforms do not require the money generated from advertising. That’s because customers pay directly for the content that they consume via a monthly subscription fee.

    Because of this, a digital streaming service does not have to pump 22 episodes of content per season. Filmmakers can work with 10 or 13 episodes or even less than that, with some series coming in with as little as 8 episodes or even less than that.

    The shorter seasons mean that there’s no room for filler episodes. In a traditional broadcast series, what happens in one episode can take several weeks to be followed up on. On a premium series like what’s online, the gap between setup and payoff is often much shorter.

    Also, most premium TV shows (like the ones that originate on the internet) often have longer episodes anyway. An hour-long series can have episodes that go over 50 minutes, whereas a traditional broadcast show generally keeps it at 40 to 45 minutes. Half-hour sitcoms online can go from 25 to 30 minutes, longer than the 20 to 22 minutes of traditional television.

    The shorter seasons mean that plots have to move forward without being bogged down by inconsequential filler episodes, which creates urgency within the narrative.

    This means that you and your partner won’t have to sit through 22 or even 24 episodes of content just to complete a single season.

    While shorter TV series means less of a commitment to a television show, your commitment to Filipino women will only be strengthened by bingeing a series with one.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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