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Activities Filipinas LOVE To Do In Cebu on Valentines Day

Valentines Day in Cebu Philippines Explore ways to treat your special someone to a romantic date on love day. | Photo by Samantha Hurleya on Burst

Cebu is one of the best islands in the Philippine archipelago to find beautiful Filipinas. Valentine's day is one of the most awaited occasions of the year for Filipinos. There is no other day, other than their birthday, when girls and women, single or not, get more pampering and attention than this world-acclaimed love day.

If you have a Filipina girlfriend, spouse or fiance who is Cebuana or living in Cebu, it’s important that you know how they spend Valentine’s day in this southern part of the country. Filipinos are extremely sociable people and will find any reason to celebrate. A word of caution though - if you ever forget this day, your partner will give you the two week cold treatment.

Romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, a valentine gift--these are the most common items you’d see on a Filipina wishlist. Valentine's Day in Cebu will not be complete without any of these. Because of the current pandemic, options might be limited. However, it might not be a wise decision to skip this special moment with her especially if you’re accustomed to spending it together always.

Here are date ideas for couples that you can do while keeping safe from COVID-19. Remember to wear your masks, face shields, and disinfect at all times!

Filipina Movie Marathon

You choose the place. Although in this case, it might just be any place in your house. When all fails, this is the go to dating spot for Valentine’s. These days, it's the safest way to have a romantic date.

Although you do need to make sure no one else is home, or things can go awkward pretty fast.

If your vibe is Hollywood movies, then make sure you have your playlist ready. Whether it’s romance, romcom, sci-fi, or action, almost any and every movie is online and can be watched via a streaming service. If you want to be old school, just slide in a DVD.

There is one quirk about Filipinas nowadays, especially the younger ones. They’re absolutely hooked to Korean drama series. You might want to consider this.

No worries, she knows where to find them, and what better way to learn new cultures than by watching foreign films. Bet you, all you have to do is to sit beside her because subtitles are always available for easy comprehension.

Dinner Dates in Cebu City

A fave among Filipinas. What could go wrong with surprising your mate with a romantic dinner, right? Cebu City, being the most modernized city in the island, is a hotbed of interesting palates from around the world.

Restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, dining offers in hotels and resorts such as a dinner buffet for two, are available to hold your intimate date with your Filipina woman.

Nivel Hills, an elevated area tucked on a hilly part of the city is a belt of casual to fancy eateries. The place is an ideal spot for lovers to dine at every Valentine’s day in Cebu, due to its romantic ambiance and overlooking view of the city. Here you can see the bright, sparkling city lights of Cebu.

Giving Keepsake Gifts to Filipinas

Flowers are the way to a Filipina’s heart. Set the perfect mood for your date by bringing her a wonderfully arranged bouquet. There are tons of flower shops around where you can just hop in and pre-order these flora presents. You know the math: flower type and color-personality matching, design and quantity that would absolutely captivate her heart.

Filipinas go over the moon when they receive flowers from someone, especially from their boyfriends. It’s one of the highest forms of flattery, and it sweeps them head over heels. You can also ask the sellers to throw in a cute stuffed teddy bear or chocolates for that over-the-top romantic effect.

It’s not always easy to think of valentine gift ideas for her. Cebu is more laid back than the capital Metro Manila so there might be gifts that you won’t find in the former. However, Cebu is catching up these recent decades and has many upscale brands that only used to be available in Metro Manila. Cebuanas and other Filipinas alike find Valentine’s day in Cebu memorable if you give them something to remember by.

Then you have the love letters. These make a delightful accompaniment to the gifts and flowers. Make sure it is handwritten as well.

A hand-written love letter speaks volumes more than any other gift, and is something to be cherished for a very long time. Giving her one would make her fall in love with you even more. Hand-written love letters are a time-tested symbol of sincere and unfaltering love.

Hotel or Resort-cation in Cebu Philippines

Cebu is known to boast some of the best resorts in the world. Most offer world-class amenities and standards of service. These are your best options if you want to enjoy the white sand beaches of Cebu.

If you want to spend the night together, you need to check with the hotel beforehand. Hotels and resorts are applying strict safety practices.

Check with the availability of their services. You may need to fulfill certain requirements. This can include taking a COVID test, filling out a health declaration form or showing a health certificate from the local barangay.

When you’ve done these requirements, then off you go! Savor the moment and enjoy each other’s company.

Filipinas FAVORITE Valentine’s Day Activities

Filipinas seriously look forward to Valentine’s day. Keep in mind that in the end, it’s really the thought that counts.

If you’ve put in the effort, your partner will know. Note that these are merely suggestions. You are only limited by your imagination.

However you feel you should celebrate Valentine’s day, do it. If you want to know how to plan a romantic date, always start with your partner in mind and the rest will follow.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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