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Meeting Cebu Women: Are Matchmakers Worth Your Dollar?

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Meeting Filipinas through matchmaking agencies may become expensive but should it be the first thing to consider in your search for love? After all, there is no price to finding true love. How do you determine if the international dating services you are availing of is worth your every dollar?

Singles tours to the Philippines are attended by foreign men who want to meet single Filipinas. The highlight of these trips is the “socials” where hundreds of Filipinas attend the dating events arranged by matchmakers, looking for love and relationship prospects. What are the package conclusions of these exciting trips?

You need not worry about anything, everything will be arranged for you. You will attend 2-3 socials to get to know the ladies, participate in speed dating events and enjoy the night. Roam around the city and popular destinations with a beautiful Cebuana lady by your side as your personal guide at the city tour activities. You can also participate in unlimited personal introductions. Get a platinum membership. Get $50 express mail credit and fiancee VISA Kit. More than that you will get 24/7 staff support while on the trip. The matchmaking staff is happy to assist in making your dream of finding a Filipina wife come true.

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Ronna: What is it provided in the packages we pay for, and what is included with the price?

Client: Well, it depends on what package. You're talking about right? but if you are talking about the group tour let's take a look at the group tour really really quickly here.

With a group tour let's say a group here to Europe all right for instance so, what's included with the group tour if we go to the screen, you'll see right so you have the socials right, you're going to have tours you're going to have at least two if not three socials.

You're going to have them in different cities on one tour and then you have unlimited introductions via the hospitality suite and then obviously the hotel accommodations are going to be included with a free daily breakfast.

The breakfasts are pretty good, right? yeah not bad over there and the hotels are nice and then the transport from the airport uh to the hotel and then all the AFA events in Asia and Latin America your tours are going to have all two socials and they'll be in that one city, right.

So like for Costa Rica, we go to San Jose and you're going to have two socials in San Jose and the rest of the time is spent in San Jose dating the different women that you met.

That's how it is throughout Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, China, Thailand all the other places we go to, the only exception is in Eastern Europe. When we go to Ukraine and we do our socials in different cities so that's just a little bit of a difference.

Then of course we have a hotel area and orientation walking tours we have a three-hour guided tour of the city we have a free one-month platinum membership. We have a $50 express mail credit, and a free fiance visa kit, so you get all these things with the price of the tour but so much more when you're there.

I mean, there's so much support that goes on where do I go and sign up for one of these events or you can visit just go to the website sign up and then choose the city that you want to go to. They’re more than happy to answer any of your questions. Join Men from all over the world as they take a trip and find their future brides.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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