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Filipinas are easy-going and want to celebrate life to the fullest. Many single men take this attitude as a sign that Filipino women are easy when it comes to dating.

This is where many foreign men go wrong. As a matter of fact, dating takes some time for Philippine women. Sometimes, men put some meaning to things that are not an issue in the first place. Whether dating overseas in Cebu or locally, this is the danger of assuming things and being unrealistic with expectations.

The main reason why dating experts highly suggest foreign men consider taking singles tours to the Philippines is for them to experience Filipino culture in person while dating local Pinays. This helps foreigners avoid jumping into conclusions based on the things they have heard and read about dating in the Philippines.

Filipinas are used to a relaxed nature. Celebrations and festivities are always a highlight in Cebuono culture. In most cultures, when you talk about celebrations, wine and other alcoholic drinks are common, and that’s how it goes in the Philippines, too.

However, due to the laid back nature of Pinays and their love for celebrations, men are doubtful whether Cebu women are more interested in men who drink or those that are non drinkers.

Non drinkers have nothing to worry about finding love in the Philippines since Cebu girls try to live a healthy lifestyle and want to influence their partners to be healthy as well. Filipino women believe that we only live once, but we have to be cautious with the things that we do. Yes, Filipinas may crave adventure, but in a different way. Filipinas prefer to do things that can strengthen them physically and mentally. Most Filipino girls understand drinking alcoholic beverages has no benefit for their mind, body or soul.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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