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LOVE or MONEY? Filipinas’ HONEST Reactions

Dating Filipinas remains a foreign affair, with more men flocking to cities like Cebu to unwind and, perhaps, find love in the process. However, as the interest in romance with Filipino girls grows among foreigners, dating in the Philippines gives rise to questions regarding the intentions of these Pinays.

A common misconception persists that money always takes precedence for Filipina women when dating beyond borders. Skeptics wonder why Filipino girls engage with intercultural dating when local options are available. The assumption is that it must be driven by financial motives commonly associated with foreigners dating in the Philippines.

Despite this stereotype, many Filipino women who have faced challenging relationships with local men are simply seeking genuine love and companionship beyond their borders. Most Filipinas express their motivations are rooted in the pursuit of love, not financial gain.

While some Pinays may indeed prioritize financial stability, it's essential to clarify that most Cebu women who use matchmaking services seek the same. Why would Pinays ask for Filipino matchmakers’ assistance when they can easily secure a match via Asian dating apps if all they want is a man’s money?

Yes, money undoubtedly holds importance for Philippine women, but it does not imply that men must be wealthy to attract their future Filipina wife.

Pinays recognize the practicality of financial stability in sustaining a family's needs. Most women in the Philippines dating foreign men appreciate partners who are responsible and can provide for their households. However, Filipinas are not averse to contributing to household expenses, as long as they receive unconditional love, respect, and a deep appreciation for their contributions to the relationship.

While financial considerations do play a role in Filipino dating preferences, it is not the sole driving force. The majority of Pinays prioritize love, respect, and genuine connections in their pursuit of meaningful relationships with foreign partners.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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