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Cebu Women in red dress

Why Western Men Prefer to Date Women From Cebu

That might be the worst stereotype you can think of when you see a Filipina dating a foreign man. While it might be true for some, it’s not right to turn around and paint all the apples black.

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Cebu Women for Marriage and Dating

That might be the worst stereotype you can think of when you see a Filipina dating a foreign man. While it might be true for some, it’s not right to turn around and paint all the apples black.

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Single Filipino Women

Have you recently become single because of a falling out from a previous relationship? Maybe you have recovered from being a widow and you are looking for a new romance in your life.

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Women of Cebu

Cebuanas are the most positive ladies you’ll ever meet when you visit the Philippines. They’re friendly, fun-loving, and cheerful despite all the hardships they may face every day. When you visit their homes, they will welcome you with open arms and warm smiles.

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Religious Festivals to Discover in Cebu City

Festive and lively. That’s one of the main takeaways for tourists whenever they come to the province of Cebu. Whether you are here on business, on an adventure, or if you’re simply visiting the island with your beloved, you will want Cebu City to be your port of entry when discovering the culture of the region.

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5 Ways To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship

We usually hear the phrase: “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” But it has its worrying opposite: “out of sight, out of mind.”

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a filipino woman smelling flowers

6 Surefire Signs That Filipino Woman Likes You

You’re dating a girl from the Philippines but you want to be absolutely sure she’s into you. She’s got you hooked and you’ve been daydreaming about a future with her in it.

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An old building, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Take Your Cebuana Date to These Exciting Events in Cebu

One of the most effective ways to woo your Cebuana date is to take her out to a unique event instead of the usual restaurant or movie date.

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A Cebuana at home opening the door

How Do Cebuanas Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines?

If you’re planning a holiday getaway to this city to meet women from Cebu or if you already have a girlfriend from the local area, you need to acquaint yourselves with the local holiday customs and traditions.

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Man and Cebuana smiling, with an overlooking view of the city behind them

Dating a Cebuana | Top Romantic Places in Cebu City

Clueless about where to take your Cebuana girlfriend in Cebu City? Read it through here to find out the top romantic places in Cebu City.

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Woman about to meet up with a man, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Best First Date Locations in Cebu City | Dating Filipinas

Men who are not from Cebu City find themselves wanting to travel there and meet the ladies. But since they are not from the city, they may not always have a lot of perfect date ideas.

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A Filipina holding an orange flower

Courting a Filipina: Traditional vs Modern

Few things are as exciting as courting Filipina women for marriage. They’re known all over the world for their lively disposition, and for their hospitality. If you want to be taken care of, a Filipina will be your best possible match.

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Cebuana looking out a window

How to Spend a Romantic Christmas with a Beautiful Cebuana

Christmas is finally here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for love and romance. The streets are bustling, hearts are pounding, and excitement is filling the air.

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Online Dating in Cebu: How to Be Better at It

With the internet, dating in Cebu has become a different ball game for many foreign nationals. But in some ways, it remains similar to traditional dating.

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Cebu Women | Blog Image

Marrying A Filipina: A Mistake or The Best Decision Ever?

People have doubts about almost every decision they make – marrying someone for one. Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, you don’t just agree to it right away without thinking it through at least a thousand times over.

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Beautiful Cebuana

Where To Go Around In Cebu On National Lover's Day

You’re in Cebu. You’re hanging out with your awesome Filipina Girlfriend whom you love very much.

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Cebuana wearing a sun hat

Celebrating Couple Appreciation Month in Cebu

Couple Appreciation Month was coined by Blissful Escapes, a tourism company, in the year 2010 to motivate couples by doing something special to reinforce their relationships. Since then, people have been embracing the idea of celebrating the whole month of April by showing their appreciation to their romantic partners. Moreover, the celebration is about remembering why they fell in love with their partner and going the extra mile to keep the fire burning.

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Happy Valentine's Day spelled out with gifts, used for a Cebu Women blog

What to Do in the Philippines for Valentine’s Day

The truth about Valentine’s Day is that most people celebrate it, even if they’re not in a relationship with someone. They either celebrate on their own or with loved ones.

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Overlooking view of Cebu City at night, used for a Cebu Women blog

How to Easily Get By in Cebu for the New Year

No one leaves to go traveling without conducting some form of research. If you’re going abroad for the holidays and have decided to travel to Cebu in particular for the New Year, you ought to look up the best hotels and learn about Filipino culture as much as you can. Research helps travelers get out of trouble. It prevents them from going to a country metaphorically blind.

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Cebuana posing by a tree

Dating a Woman in Cebu on New Year’s Day 2022

You may have heard a lot of good things about Filipino women, specifically Cebuanas. Their wit, charm, intelligence, beauty, and attitude are major qualities that most foreign men go crazy over. Not to mention that women in Cebu are literate and proficient in the English language.

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Cebuano text used for a Cebu Women blog

Dating Cebu Women: Cebuano Expressions You MUST Learn

The emotional intensity that these words elicit is immense. When you're dating Cebu women, these are some of the words you should expect to hear.

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Cebuana wearing a hat

Genuine Experiences Dating Filipino Women

The Philippines is a wonderful tropical country with its hot summer heat and cool ocean breeze. People have long associated this country with a tropical getaway from their busy lifestyles.

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Cebuana wearing a flower crown

Breaking the Ice with Filipina Women

To pave your way into the hearts of women, you must first master the art of communication. It is, after all, the lifeline of every relationship. While it’s not hard to start a conversation with Filipina women, it’ll be very useful to learn how to handle these conversations to get these women to like you.

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Croissants and coffee, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Activities Filipinas LOVE To Do In Cebu on Valentines Day

Cebu is one of the best islands in the Philippine archipelago to find beautiful Filipinas. Valentine's day is one of the most awaited occasions of the year for Filipinos. There is no other day, other than their birthday, when girls and women, single or not, get more pampering and attention than this world-acclaimed love day.

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Man standing in front of a small waterfall, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Cebu

Cebu is an island paradise. You would be hard pressed to find another island that not only offers tropical bliss, a warmhearted population, and the best food around. This island utopia is located in central Philippines, at the heart of the archipelago.

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Person counting money, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Managing Finances While Dating a Filipina in Cebu

Online Dating is now the new normal when it comes to meeting singles. Yes, the traditional meet-in-a-bar encounter does still occur, but with the ever changing world around us, who has the time for that, right? Juggling full time jobs in this fast paced highway of modernity really does make dating Filipinas more difficult when compared to what it was before.

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Phiippine jeepney, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Transportation in Cebu City Philippines

Aside from your travel itinerary, your hotel reservations, etc., one of the most overlooked preparations is how you will be getting from point A to point B. It is important to make sure that you are well aware about the public transportation systems and some tips and tricks to transportation in Cebu.

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Filipino street food, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Where to Eat the BEST Cebuano Street Food

The Philippines is basically divided into the three major island groups; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Each major region hosts its own unique cultures and even more dialects. When it comes to their culinary heritage, traditional Filipino dishes will have a different take depending on which region you’re tasting it from and you’ll know Cebuano street food when you taste it.

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Empty tables and chairs at a restaurant, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Cebu Restaurants Filipinas LOVE | Dating in the Philippines

There’s a lot of men who haven't been to the Philippines but are very much interested in dating Filipinas. In order to get that particular goal done, many of them will turn to the internet, where social media and dating sites for singles have made finding a partner from outside their own country much easier to get done.

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Beautiful Cebuana wearing white off shoulder top

Starting Conversations with Filipino Women | Approaching Women

Did you sign up on a Filipino dating site and are now wondering how to communicate with those women?

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A Cebuana dancing with a client

Building a Connection with Filipino Women

Dating Filipino women is the same as dating women from other countries. Sure, there are differences in culture, personality, and way of life, but when it comes to dating, emotional connections are a prerequisite in establishing a deeper understanding of one another.

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A couple looking intently at each other, photo used for a blog about dating tips

Attracting Filipino Women with Your Online Dating Profile

For a considerable number of men out in the world, they find Filipino women quite attractive. So much so that many find themselves perusing online dating articles in order to best position themselves to be with one of them. In fact, plenty of expats who’ve visited the Philippines were lucky enough to find love as well.

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Cebuana wearing a blazer

Why Filipinas Easily Fall in Love with Foreign Men

A fair number of men all over the world find themselves enamored with Filipinas. So much so that they seek out the places where to get relationship advice so that they find themselves in a position where they are able to date such women.

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Man and woman at an outdoor restaurant, photo used for a blog about dating tips

Signs a Filipina May Be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

Being with a Filipina can be a pretty great thing. However, there are some people out there who might not be what they seem. Maybe their motives for dating are not as pure as those of their partner. Maybe they are looking for something other than true love when they log on to dating websites.

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Two Filipino women in floral shirts

Understanding Cebuano Culture | Dating Filipina Women

There are some things that even the best free online dating sites will not do for you and it is to help you understand the intricacies of Filipino culture and understanding these intricacies is going to be paramount if you want to properly date Filipina women. This is because it is hugely important in Filipino society and the women therein are not exempted.

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An audifence crowd, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Do Filipino Women Like Going to Concerts? Dating Filipinas

For a lot of guys, dating a Filipina is something that’s just out of reach. But it does not have to be completely out of reach. Because of international matchmaking services, guys who aren’t in the Philippines or even anywhere near the Philippines can now achieve their goal of being with a Filipino woman.

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Image graphic of a couple watching tv, photo used for a blog about dating tips

Binge Watching a Series with Filipino Women

There’s a lot of guys who are not always sure what to say to a Filipina girl. Then there are those men who managed to find themselves in a relationship with one. But the thing about dating Filipino women is that sometimes, it’s not always the easiest thing to go through in terms of the logistics involved in the relationship.

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Couple looking at a laptop while smiling, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Standing Out in Cebu City : What Filipinas WANT in a Man

There’s a lot of men that have a hard time when it comes to making a romantic connection. A lot of guys out there have a hard time trying to find love. It’s not an easy thing to find a romantic partner. First, you have to find a person, another human being, that you like and then you have to hope that the romantic feelings you’re feeling are mutual. Lots of guys make it easier by going through confidential dating services.

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Man and woman hugging, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

How to Attract Cebu Filipinas with Your Dating Profile

A lot of guys have trouble when it comes to finding love in their lives. There’s no shame in that. Sometimes, your soulmate is just hard to find. Sometimes, your soulmate may not be in the same zip code as you or even in the same country. If that’s the case, then it can be hard to find love.

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Man and woman fighting in bed, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Satisfy the Heart of Filipino Women : Dating Filipinas

There’s a fairly popular song that takes the position that, in a relationship, love is not enough in certain times. But for a man who is dating a Filipina may or may not be susceptible to such insecurity. Because there are times when a relationship may not be worth the effort and hardship. But there are also times when they are more than worth it.

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Man and woman holding hands, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Simple Guide to Excellent Times Dating Filipino Women

A lot of guys don’t know how to win over a Filipina. They know that they want to date Filipina women, but they don’t know how to do it properly. Of course, there are a few guys out there who manage to achieve their goals and find themselves in the enviable position of dating a Filipina. The one drawback is that these Filipinas that they’re looking for are in the Philippines and they’re not always in the same country, so their time together might be limited because of real life and the reality that is geography.

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Aerial view of a beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Cebu Philippines

Cebu is one of the most powerful cities in the Philippines in terms of culture, economy, and tourism. Endearingly named the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu, Philippines is oftentimes considered the second capital of the country, next to Manila. People from all over the world visit this pepper-shaped island for many reasons, and one word many of them use to describe this city is amazing.

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Gifts stacked on top of each other, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Dating a Filipina | Ideal Gifts to Give Her

It’s no secret that Filipina women love receiving gifts, especially when they're from someone they care about. Plus, giving a thoughtful gift every now and then is one of the best ways to win a Filipina woman’s heart. And as a single man, winning the heart of a Filipina woman is such a fulfilling experience. Considering that Filipinas have become so open to having a relationship with a foreigner, you now have the opportunity to share genuine love and affection with one.

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Cebuana wearing a black top

Filipina Women | What Not to Do on Your Date with One

Rules exist for a reason. It is so we can keep ourselves in check because unfortunately, there are some individuals who have a hard time determining what is right from wrong. There are also different kinds of rules, such as the unspoken ones. These are the kinds of rules that are collectively agreed upon by most people. One good example is knowing about the things you should not do when dating someone. In this case, we’ll be talking about the things you should avoid doing when dating Filipina women.

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Cebuana looking down

Tips on Dating Filipina Women | How to Make Them Laugh

For many years, men from all over the world have ventured out of their own borders in search of an ideal lifetime partner. The Philippines alone has welcomed countless tourists and foreigners as they seek the chance to date Filipina women. These ladies are beautiful, cheerful, adventurous, intelligent, and hilarious. Getting to be with a woman like that would be a dream come true for those who are looking for genuine love and affection. A lot of people, in fact, have gotten the opportunity to do so. But some are not so fortunate.

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Aerial view of a beach and shoreline, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Cebu Philippines | The Most Romantic Places You Can Visit

Cebu province is situated right in the middle of the Philippines. This famous tropical island and thriving city is an economic, educational, cultural, and tourism powerhouse. But for now, we will be focusing on the tourism aspect of Cebu, Philippines. Thousands and thousands of visitors visit this paradise island every year. Whether it be for business or pleasure, people keep coming back nonetheless.

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View of the sea by the beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Cebu Philippines | The 5 Best Islands for Your Next Vacation

Cebu, Philippines is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. A lot of people visit to take advantage of the booming economy, to invest in properties, or to open up a business. Others visit to find love as they take the chance to meet the lovely Filipina women. A lot of people know that some of the most beautiful Filipinas can be found in Cebu. But most of all, others visit to witness and explore the many gorgeous beaches and relaxing islands.

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Couple hugging at a beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Finding Your Love Life in Cebu | Understanding Cebu's Dating Scene

Cebu is an incredible place. It’s even one of the best places in all of the Philippines. Whether you’re already here or are still planning to visit, believe that you will have a lot to look forward to such as the delicious and mouthwatering Filipino cuisines, the relaxing and soul-soothing beach resorts, the looming mountains, and of course, the beautiful Filipina women. If dating a Filipina is on your bucket list, then you will most definitely have an enjoyable time doing so in this incredible city.

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A Cebuana leaning against a tree

Cebu Philippines | Home to Beautiful and Loving Filipina Women

There are plenty of gorgeous women in Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South. They are more than just pretty faces with hourglass figures. Their personalities and attributes are just as interesting and appealing as their physical appearances. Anyone who has met them would agree that they are indeed among the best Filipina women in the country.

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A beautiful Cebuana smiling

Happy Marriage | Why Settle Down with a Filipina in Cebu

Cebu is one of the busiest, most populated, and economically advanced cities in the country. In terms of progress, it’s considered to be second to Manila, which is the country’s capital city. Cebu is also one of the most frequently visited cities in the Philippines. Tourists flock to the city every year for many reasons - the busy and active lifestyle, the mouth-watering Filipino dishes served at some of the country’s best restaurants, the magical beaches, the mountains that offer awe-inducing views of the city and entire island, and of course, the lovely and beautiful Filipina women. But most of all, it’s where many wish to settle down and experience a happy marriage.

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A Young Cebuana

Where to Meet Single Women in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines is one of the largest economically developed cities in the country and the first one to become an official capital. Throughout the southern regions of Visayas and Mindanao, Cebu is considered to be the business, economic, educational, and industrial center. It is also one of the country’s major drivers in terms of tourism and trade. In fact, thousands of foreigners visit the city every year, making the city’s airport the second busiest one in the country.

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Historical site in Cebu City, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Cebu Philippines | Top 5 Ideal Activities to Do in the City

The Queen City of the South, Cebu, Philippines is the economic, technological, educational, and cultural center of the entire Southern section of the country. People from neighboring cities, regions, and even those from all around the world travel to Cebu to witness its booming lifestyle. Having an exceptional blend of beach, provincial, and city life, you can trust that there is indeed an incredible amount of fun and exciting activities that you can do in this magnificent city.

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Man and woman looking at each other, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Philippine Dating | Understanding the Filipino Dating Scene

The dating culture in the country of the Philippines is very different from that in the U.S., or in any of the other countries of the Western side of the world. The Philippine dating scene is mostly traditional, with a bit of a mix of Western influences. It is beautiful, really. Amidst the incredible and rapid modernization of the world, the romantic affairs of Filipina women have clung to the exquisite and almost poetic ways of the past. And if you are to date a Filipina, you might as well have a better grasp of the dating scene in their country.

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Aerial shot of a beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Filipino Women | Best Dating Spots In Cebu

Cebu City, Philippines, also known as The Queen City of the South. The economic center of the Visayas region. This city is one of the most advanced and booming cities in the country not only in terms of economic growth but also in its social and cultural aspects. Many people visit the city every year for the many things it offers: thousands upon thousands of gorgeous Filipino women walking the streets, scenic landscapes, tasty delicacies, and many more.

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Man and woman at a beach looking back, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Filipino Dating Tips | 5 Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them

Whether this is your first time to experience Filipino dating or not, you still need to be aware of how you can maintain a stable love life with the Filipina you’re going out with. If you take a look at the modern Filipino dating culture, you’ll find that most Pinay women prefer to be in a long term relationship. So if you want to make sure that your relationship survives the long haul, you have to be prepared to take on the challenges that will come your way. Trust us, they will come your way in one form or another.

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Man and woman at a mountain about to kiss, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Dating a Filipina | How to Avoid the Fear of Breaking Up

It’s always a great idea to have your own set of relationship goals when dating a Filipina. Considering that the modern Filipino dating culture is not as traditional and old-fashioned as what many people might think, it’s now easier for you to determine what it would take to win one’s heart. And when you do, one can only imagine how fulfilling it would be to have a decent love life with a beautiful Cebuana.

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Huge lit Christmas tree at night, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Romantic Christmas Activities in Cebu | Your Ultimate Filipino Dating Guide

The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas in the world. The holiday season in the country officially starts as early as September. And the way they celebrate it in the city of Cebu is particularly interesting, not only because of the strong sense of holiday spirit blanketing the air, but also because the Filipino dating scene is in full bloom during this time of year.

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Man and woman walking at a nature park, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Tips on Dating a Filipina | Topics to Avoid on Your First Date

If you’re dating a Filipina for the first time and you want to earn a shot at a second date, you’d want to make as good an impression as possible. And one surefire way to blow that chance is to bring up topics that are either inappropriate or, worse, offensive.

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Man and woman happily looking at each other, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

First Date Tips | How to Avoid Awkward Silence When Dating a Filipina

Having to sit through a date where no one wants to say a word is dreadful, awkward and just outright uncomfortable. This often happens when you’re dating a girl with whom you don’t share the same culture and traditions - like a Filipina, for example. While dating a Filipina is a dream come true for most, if you don’t arm yourself with prior knowledge about the Filipino culture, traditions, and dating norms, your dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare within seconds.

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Man and woman outside on a date, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

2 Ways to Meet a Cebuana | How to Make Your Love Hunt Easier

Some of the most efficient dating services for Cebu women include those that will allow you to meet and socialize with these ladies in person, or be matched with one according to your preferences. You’ll be glad to know that Filipino women have become open to the idea of online dating as they realize that this is a way for them to find a suitable partner to date, or even marry.

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Silhouette of man and woman walking at a beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Filipino Dating Tips | How to Impress Filipino Women in Cebu

When it comes to Filipino dating, there are so many ways for you to catch the attention and win the heart of the Filipina you wish to have a romantic relationship with. What truly matters is that you understand the Filipino dating culture before taking action. That way, you can anticipate and prepare for the nuances of dating a Filipina.

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Man carrying a woman at the shoreline, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Great Qualities of Filipino Women | What Makes Them Ideal Wives

There are a lot of things to consider when finding an ideal spouse to wed. From your romantic compatibility down to how you and your partner’s views on love and marriage coincide; having a happy and fulfilling love life definitely takes both parties to work together. But when it comes to Filipino women, they have a number of notable Filipino traits and values that make them suitable partners to tie the knot with.

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Two beautiful Filipino women smiling

Finding Love in Cebu | What's It Like to Have a Cebuana Girlfriend

Cebu City, The Queen City of the South. This city is home to wonderful, breathtaking beaches, spots with awe-inspiring views of the city, and of course, so many good looking and well-natured women.

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Man and woman drinking wine at the beach, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Matchmaking Services | Why Finding Love is a Lot Easier Through It

Even though it has some measures of success, online dating can at times be exhausting. This is partly because of the nearly limitless potential matches that you can find online. However, the downside to this is that the competition is also tougher. That’s why constantly looking through profiles and churning out emails can feel like a grind. If you, too, are tired of this unending cycle, one of the most unconventional yet highly effective dating tips we can give you is to try tapping the help of a matchmaker.

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Beautiful Cebuana smiling

Dating Tips | How to Keep Your Filipina Girlfriend Happy

Keeping your Filipina girlfriend happy is a surefire way to maintain a steady, romantic relationship with her. It’s a given that relationships require a lot of hard work from both parties. But if you truly love each other, there shouldn’t be anything that can come between you and your Pinay girlfriend.

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Cebuana flipping her hair

Beautiful Filipinas | Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cebuana

There are a lot of reasons why men from all over the world are attracted to beautiful Asian women. Over the years, Filipino women, in particular, continue to stand out as desirable partners to date and marry. Cebu alone is an ideal place to find a lovely Filipina to go out with. And since you’ve taken an interest in these ladies, here are the top 5 reasons why you should date a Cebuana from the Philippines

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"Game Over" written in chalk, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Foreign Dating 101 | Top 5 No-Nos When Dating a Cebuana

The internet has certainly changed the way people date. One of its advantages is accessibility. You could just as easily connect with a foreign woman like a Cebuana as you would with a woman from across the street. But there is also a downside to it.

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Man and Cebuana on a date

Foreign Dating Tips | Dealing with Online Dating Anxiety

Although technology has made dating much easier and more convenient, it can still be scary. Even with all the help and information at your disposal, you never really know what will happen. The only way to know if it works out is to meet in person. But in the foreign dating scene, that eventual meeting may take longer than usual. Because of that, it’s natural for people to have anxiety before the encounter.

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Man offering to shake hands, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Philippine Tour Tips: How to Behave in the Philippines

Each country has its own set of norms and customs. What may be socially acceptable behavior in one country may be considered rude in another. So it goes without saying that you should be on your best behavior when you are on a tour in another country, like the Philippines.

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Overlooking view of a small river with a waterfall, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Find Love in the Enchanting Waterfalls of Cebu

Not long ago, rumors have spread about the island province of Cebu being home to some of the most beautiful Filipino women. Being one of the most ideal places to meet women in, the world certainly took notice.

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Beautiful Filipino women at a table

Top Reasons You Should Marry a Cebuana

Cebu City, also known as the “Queen City of the South,” is a metropolis filled with a vibrant culture and welcoming people. Its majestic and well-designed buildings boost the city’s comely appearance thereby making it one of the most visited cities in Asia. But aside from these attractions, it’s the locals, especially the women, that make the place more enticing to every visiting foreign man.

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Cebuana holding a small bouquet of flowers

How to Secure a Second Date with a Cebuana

Contrary to popular belief, Filipino women are not easy. While some are not that hard to please, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have low standards. They usually take their time getting to know men to gauge whether they are the real deal or not. The same can be said of a Cebuana. But unlike their northern counterparts, Cebuanas have a tougher shell to crack. That’s because they are edgier, sassier, and more shrewd than your average Filipina. Having said that, it would be much more challenging to impress them.

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Man about to give his woman a rose, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

How to Spend Valentine’s Day with a Cebuana in Cebu

With February 14 fast approaching, couples are rushing to make plans for this special day. Everybody is busy making restaurant reservations, clearing their schedules, and doing everything possible just to be with their significant other. While there are plenty of places to visit for this holiday, it’s hard to think of any other place on earth where Valentine’s Day is as grandly celebrated as in Cebu.

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Cebuana holding the Santo Niño

The Epitome of a True Filipina

Cebu is one of the most populous cities in the Philippines. Over the years, it has seen relatively impressive economic progress due in large part to its talented labor force and booming tourism industry. The city is a major tourism hub not only because of its beautiful tropical landscape and various adventurous attractions, but also because of its rich history, diverse cultures, and a spectrum of colorful traditions. A lot of foreign men also flock to the Queen City of the South in hopes of finding their soulmate.

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Woman hugging a man from behind, photo used for a Cebu Women blog

Dress Sharp: Style Tips to Impress a Cebuana

When you are dating a Cebuana, expect her to be low maintenance. For the most part, it’s true that it doesn’t take much to impress her. However, that doesn’t mean that you just shouldn’t put some effort into your first date. If you want to go with her for a second time, make sure to leave a lasting impression, and one way to do that is to dress right.

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