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Transportation in Cebu City Philippines

jeepney with passengers inside When traversing around Cebu City Philippines, jeepneys are the most common mode of transport.

Aside from your travel itinerary, your hotel reservations, etc., one of the most overlooked preparations is how you will be getting from point A to point B. It is important to make sure that you are well aware about the public transportation systems and some tips and tricks to transportation in Cebu.

Cebu City, Philippines is the Capital city of the Province of Cebu, and is also the second largest metropolis in the Philippines. Over the years, the city has been one of the biggest economic contributors in the country. It plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, racking in millions of dollars in tourism revenue alone.

Apart from tourism, Cebu City is also one of the biggest trading hubs of the country. The Port of Cebu serves not only as a gateway for tourists on inter-island vacations but is also where shipped goods come in. This has made Cebu, also nicknamed the Queen City of the South one of the most important provinces in the country and also one of the fastest in terms of progress.

If you are planning a trip to Cebu (and mind you, you really should), it is important to plan ahead. Make sure your travel itinerary is ready and that you have scheduled each tourist spot comfortably.

Public Transportation in Cebu

One thing to note about Cebu City is that it is a 1st class, highly urbanized city in the Province of Cebu. It covers a large area and it is extremely easy to get lost around town. Getting on the wrong ride will take more time and cost you more money than you would prefer.

Cebu City does not have an official rail system, so the main public transportation in the city are four wheeled vehicles on the road. This does contribute to traffic congestion as more and more cars traverse the main roads.

  • Jeepneys
  • Jeepneys are the main public utility vehicles that the locals use to get around the metro. Jeepneys are essentially repurposed American jeeps used during World War II. Today, because of jeepney modernization programs, modern jeepneys are the only ones roaming the streets, although they still maintain their traditional look, often decorated with a variety of artwork by the owners and drivers themselves.

    Jeepneys are a fixed route public transportation system, which means that if there is no direct route from point A to point B, you will have to ride multiple jeepneys to get to your destination. Codes displayed around the jeepney will tell you the route that it will take, and familiarizing yourself with those codes will take some time.

    The complete list and guides to the jeepney routes are available on the Cebu City tourism website and you have to make sure that you bring that list with you all the time, as this will save you crucial time.

  • Taxi Cabs
  • Taxi cabs are a very popular public transportation system in the City. The Cebu City Transportation Office makes sure to regulate the meters on the taxis to ensure their compliance to a fixed rate.

    Taxi Cab meters in Cebu have a fixed rate of increase per kilometer. The further you go, the higher your bill. Taxi cab meters also have a fixed rate for the time spent on the ride, so riding a taxi cab during rush hour, no matter how close your destination is, will cost you.

    Make sure your driver sticks to the meter. Some taxi cab drivers around the city will ask for a little extra cash from you. Others will also try to ditch the meter and discuss prices with the passenger when going on longer journeys. Usually these prices will be significantly higher than what will be displayed on the meter.

  • Buses
  • Buses are an option you can take to get around the city. A majority of the buses in the city these days are now air conditioned and quite spacious. They do move significantly slower through traffic. Buses, like jeepneys, have a specified route they take.

    Buses are often used for inter-municipal travel up north, or down south. Instead of taking a cab on a 70 km ride to the white sand beaches of the south, which will cost you a fortune, the bus will be a great option for you.

  • Private vehicles for hire
  • Private vehicles for hire are currently on the rise. Ride booking apps like Uber, Grab Car, and Angkas (a booking app that books motorcycles instead of 4 wheeled vehicles to get through traffic faster), are getting more popular.

    You can opt to crent a car for you to drive yourself around town. This is a very convenient option as you will essentially be in control of your time on the road. Prices for car rentals will be expensive as aside from the daily rates, there will also be insurance and other charges.

  • Non regulated public rides
  • There are rides that you can take around the city which aren’t regulated by the government. These rides can usually be found on roads that are not frequented by common public vehicles.

    The Habal-habal, or motorcycles and tricycles for hire are the two most common of these rides. They will usually have a fixed rate per head, depending on how far you go. It is best to consult with a trusted local on the fares for these rides as drivers can try and rip you off at unnecessarily high rates.

Tips and Tricks

busy street in cebu Know how to navigate around the Queen City of the South.

Commuting around the city will be challenging. This is something you have to prepare yourself for. If you are renting and driving yourself around town, your biggest challenge will be the traffic congestion.

Rush hour in the city is usually around 5:30am - 9:00am in the morning and around 4:00pm - 8:00pm in the afternoon and evening. This is usually when commuters are either going to and from work.

When riding a jeepney, keep your valuables safe. There are pickpockets around the city so you have to stay vigilant. A top tip when riding the jeepney is that when you’re waiting together with a crowd, don’t expect an orderly line where the first person on the line hops on the jeepney first.

That is only true when you are riding from a jeepney terminal. You can also hop off close by to your destination. Jeepney stops, like bus stops are all over the city, usually marked on the road with orange stripes together with a sign that has a silhouette of a jeepney.

Always have a map of the city handy. A lot of the tourist destinations in the city are within walking distance of each other like the Magellan’s Cross (a monument displaying the cross brought by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Cebu island), Fort San Pedro, and Plaza Independencia. Instead of taking a cab or riding a jeepney, you can cut across a street and leg it from there, you might even come across street food which are must trys.

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