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Cebu Philippines | The 5 Best Islands for Your Next Vacation

A photo showing part of a beach found in Cebu Know where you can find some of the best islands in and outside of Cebu, Philippines!

Cebu, Philippines is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. A lot of people visit to take advantage of the booming economy, to invest in properties, or to open up a business. Others visit to find love as they take the chance to meet the lovely Filipina women. A lot of people know that some of the most beautiful Filipinas can be found in Cebu. But most of all, others visit to witness and explore the many gorgeous beaches and relaxing islands.

There are a lot of smaller islands surrounding the entire island of Cebu. However, most of these small islands still fall under Cebu’s jurisdiction. These islands are good for many things, but the best thing about them is that it's where you can find some of the best resorts and beaches in Cebu! Whether this is your first time to take a trip to Cebu or not, be sure to check out the following incredible islands:

  • Bantayan Island. This is located in the northwestern end of Cebu. A fairly small island, Bantayan is known for its amazing white sand beaches and clear blue waters. It’s really peaceful here and relatively cheaper than the more popular beaches around the country.
  • Malapascua Island. Aside from being an amazing beach island, Malapascua Island is known for being a world-class diving spot. You can also get the chance to swim alongside thresher sharks all year round. Whether you’re a professional diver or not, Malapascua Island will definitely be a paradise for you.
  • Camotes Islands. A group of islands rather than an individual one, Camotes Islands will allow you to be in touch with nature. Not only do they have fantastic beaches here, but you will also find lakes, springs, waterfalls, and natural caves all over. This makes for a perfect vacation spot if you want to unwind and get away from the troubles of the world, or simply just to get in touch with the magic and wonders of nature itself.
  • Sumilon Island. In the southern part of Cebu province, you will find a small town called Oslob. This place is known for its local whale sharks and a chance to swim alongside them. Right across this place is an island called Sumilon. If you want to swim with sharks, be sure to visit this island afterwards as this is where you can also find one of the best resorts in Cebu.
  • Mactan Island. Mactan Island is one of the bigger and more civilized islands in Cebu, and one of the most frequently visited places in the Philippines due to its many beach resorts that are world-class in terms of quality and services. The island is so economically significant, in fact, that the only airport in Cebu is located in Mactan. The beaches on the island are also incredibly fine and pristine, and the waters literally reflect the beautiful sky above. You can also experience scuba diving here.

All things considered, Cebu is a great place to relax and unwind. Not putting this tropical island on your vacation list would be a mistake. If you want to visit Cebu, Philippines but have no means to do so just yet, you can sign up on our site today and join one of our Singles Vacation to be held in the city! You’ll get to visit Cebu’s top tourist attractions and possibly meet an ideal wife among the many Filipina women who are single and looking for love. Simply hit two gorgeous birds with one convenient stone.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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