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Why Filipinas Easily Fall in Love with Foreign Men

a man and woman holding books on a bench Foreign men have that certain charm that attracts a lot of Filipinas.

A fair number of men all over the world find themselves enamored with Filipinas. So much so that they seek out the places where to get relationship advice so that they find themselves in a position where they are able to date such women.

Of course, even if they are able to find helpful relationship advice, these foreign men are not just going to land dates by virtue of showing up and being present. There is a lot of work that they are going to have to put in.

However, there are certain Filipina women who are predisposed to fall in love with foreigners, and there are a wide variety of reasons for it. Some of them are pretty understandable and some of them may be the kind of reason that should give a person pause before continuing on with the relationship.

  1. A Way Out
  2. The Philippines is a beautiful country. It has great beaches, great people, and great food. Overall, it can be a pretty great place to live.

    But it is also a developing country, which means that it is poorer than most. The career options for a person there can be pretty dim, even for those with university degrees. Not to mention that the infrastructure could use some repairs and the traffic situation can be a lot better. As such, there’s more than one Filipina woman that is going to want a way out of that situation.

    A foreign man can offer a way out. Marrying someone from a different country, particularly a first world country, is desirable because it means potentially being able to move to that country. It may not be the most romantic of reasons that Filipinas fall for foreigners, but there is no denying that it is not something that happens day in and day out.

  3. Moving Up in the World
  4. The Philippines has a lot of expats, many of them retirees from western countries. This is because those pensions of theirs go a lot further in the Philippines than they would at home. Even a middle-class pension is more than what most Filipinos make and the cost of living is so low in the country that most expats will likely end up with a lot of extra cash lining their pockets.

    Because of that, there are a lot of Filipina women who take it upon themselves to catch the eyes of these expats. It may not be the stuff of a great romance novel, but there is no denying that there are a lot of women who are with them because that aforementioned man has financial resources that she needs and does not have.

    Some families actively encourage their daughters and nieces to engage in this type of behavior since it will bolster their finances if she is able to succeed. That isn’t to say they are gold diggers. In fact, a lot of Filipinas have stable jobs and income of their own. But they simply want to be with someone that can take care of themselves.

  5. Tall Order
  6. Studies show that women like a tall man. There are some Filipina women who undoubtedly feel the same way. Now given that the average height for a man in the Philippines is like five-foot-four or around those parts, there is a dearth of vertically-gifted individuals in the country, so much so that five-foot-eight, a relatively average height in the west, is considered pretty tall.

    That is one potential reason as to why some Filipina women find themselves drawn to a western man, because of how tall they are.

  7. Convenience
  8. Sometimes, a Filipina finds herself in a western country. Maybe she is there for work, maybe she is there for some other reason. Whatever that may be, she finds herself in a place where the majority of men around her are foreign to her.

    There are plenty of Filipina women who are scattered throughout the world. Some of them are the children of immigrants. Others are simply working in other countries. As such, they find themselves with a dating pool that contains largely men who are foreign to her.

    So one reason as to why Filipina women fall for foreigners is simply because of their proximity to such men. They are what is available to her, so that is who she chooses.

  9. No One Else
  10. Filipinos can be very modest. Because of that, some local men find themselves not making any kind of move or any sort of romantic overture towards a woman in whom they have a romantic interest.

    Because of this, many a Filipina can find themselves not having any sort of romantic relationship.

    But then a foreign man comes along, someone who was raised in a culture where making a romantic overture is more commonly accepted. So that man is not going to have a problem making his romantic interest known and they are not going to be shy about their pursuit.

    That is one rather good reason that many Filipina women end up with foreigners, because it is the foreigners who are willing to make their feelings known.

    a couple hugging each other Sometimes, love has no rhyme or reason. When you fall in love, it just happens.
  11. Sometimes, Love Just Happens
  12. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to realize that there are times when love just happens. Without any reasoning behind it, sometimes, two people from two different countries just end up falling in love with one another.

    Sometimes, there doesn’t have to be a reason to fall in love. There is no real reasoning behind it. There are times when two people just find themselves falling in love with each other and that is that.

  13. Compatibility Issues with Other Men
  14. Sometimes, there is no real love in the relationship. This is one of the reasons relationships go south because there weren’t any feelings in the first place. There are some Filipinas who experienced this with their Filipino counterparts.

    They may not feel good about the relationship, but they do so understanding that they will be in stable partnerships that prove beneficial in other ways.

    But this kind of relationship won’t last. And for some of those Filipinas, what they lacked in their previous relationships with Filipino men they happen to find in foreign men. This surprising compatibility is what makes interracial relationships last for a long time.

    Sometimes, people fall for one another and there is a good reason behind it. Other times, they just fall. They may not like it, but they will fall regardless of their desires.

    Because that is the thing about love. People will love and they will date and then they will get married. Sometimes there is some form of logic behind the pairing and other times, it will not make any sense to any outsider.

    While there are a lot of reasons Filipinas fall for foreigners, sometimes, they just fall and that is all that can be said about it.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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