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a woman looking over her shoulder Discover whether or not the stereotypes about Cebu women dating are true.

“She just wants his money and a ticket out of the Philippines.”

That might be the worst stereotype you can think of when you see a Filipina dating a foreign man. While it might be true for some, it’s not right to turn around and paint all the apples black.

Only a few are bad, some are genuinely good. It’s unfair for honest Filipino women who are looking to find a new chapter in their love life to be judged that way, just because of a negative stereotype.

There are single women in Cebu who want to find an honest and loving gentleman. If the relationship turns out to be positive and healthy, there might even be the prospect of marriage on the cards.

Cebuanas at first can be seen to be flirty, fun, and open when you meet. This can be taken as being a loose kind of woman. However, in their hearts, they are serious about being in a relationship. This is because if you’ve ever met any Filipino in the world, family and community are the first things they think about before they do anything.

This means that when you date a Cebuana, they will be looking to see if you have the specifics of a gentleman who will treat them and their families with respect and love.

That said, let’s look at some of the negative stereotypes Cebu women are rumored to be:

Common Stereotypes

These stereotypes are unfairly applied to every Filipina. Just because of a few bad apples in the bunch, the men they’ve harmed have helped fuel the spread of these common stereotypes on Filipino women. Here are the most common ones:

1. Filipinas are gold-diggers.

This one is a negative common stereotype you’ll often hear. They see you as a living ATM. They charm you just so that they can ask you for money later. Refuse them once and they’ll get upset. They’ll use every trick in the book to get in your pocket or leave you if you don’t provide it online or in person.

2. They’re green card hunters.

American citizenship with a green card is one of the reasons an opportunistic Cebuana will try to trick your heart. They believe that once they get through the visa requirements and find a way to citizenship they will divorce you. After that, they will try to find another victim.

3. They just want to have fun and will have another man on the side.

Single ladies from the Philipines might date you just for fun or to explore what being with an American man is like. After some time, they’ll get bored of you and start looking for a local or another foreign man to try out later. If you're in the US and she’s still in the Philippines, maybe she will have fun with another man while you're away.

4. They’ll prioritize their family over you.

Filipinos are family-oriented. Since you’re a foreigner, that means that your interests will be taken care of last. She might claim that her family member is hospitalized.

Assuming it’s true, she will ask you for money and not consider your feelings in the matter. If you are just in an online relationship, she will stop all communication if you don’t give her what she's asking of you.

Cebu Women: the Truth

Cebu women are just like any other population of women in the world. Bad reviews by any few in a population can harm everyone associated. Let’s look at some responses to the stereotypes that we had listed above.

1. Gold-digging happens all over the world.

Wherever you go in the world there is always that risk. In every part of the world, some women without principles or morals will be out to con anyone out of their money.

Your best bet is to keep a guarded eye on your bank details and how you manage your money. It takes years to read the behavior of your significant other, Filipino or not. Don't hesitate to dump her immediately if you think she’s only there for your wallet.

2. Live where both of you will succeed.

Marriage shouldn’t be for citizenship.

In some cases, it’s the foreigner who stays in the country and not the other way around. American citizenship should be a consequence of both of you choosing to relocate there.

Arrange for the necessary documentation if you think you will thrive as a family in the US. If both of you think that you will have a better life in the Philippines, then you should arrange for the documentation needed for residing in the country.

3. A true Cebuana will be loyal to you.

Sometimes it's a matter of choosing properly raised Cebu women. Not every woman in the United States is a proper woman to date. It is the same case for Cebuanas.

A true Cebuana is family-oriented, God-fearing, loyal, and loving. You shouldn't be with her if she goes out and plays around the town when you’re not around. The best policy is to trust her until evidence proves otherwise.

4. You are part of the family.

Once you marry a Cebuana, you should no longer be thought of as a foreigner with money. You become a relative of her family and should be respected accordingly. It’s important to not just rely on a spoken guarantee. You should also keep an eye on how they treat you whenever you get together.

Helping to pay for expenses for relatives may be part of what it means to be part of the family. However, if the family is constantly relying on you and it makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s fine to declare and set boundaries. If your significant other cannot respect your boundaries, maybe she isn’t the one for you.

How to Find Cebu Women for Marriage

One of the greatest benefits of international dating is the greater number of opportunities you have to find love. Some dating professionals profess that chemistry in love all boils down to a numbers game. You just need a large enough number to find the one you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a location with a lot of single ladies with character, why not give the island of Cebu in the Philippines a try? Consider learning more about the city and its surrounding towns. Study the customs and traditions of the locals. You can also make Cebu your launch pad for other adventures in the Visayas region.

With its affordable entertainment and world-class accommodations, it’s the perfect place to find a life-changing love.

Dating Cebu Women Can Change Your Life

Dating a Cebuana can be one of the best experiences in your life. Proper Cebuanas don’t embody any of the traits that some blogs and websites write.

One of the reasons that such hit pieces against Filipino single ladies proliferate is because the woman the man chose wasn’t good at all. If any woman is “too easy” to get, a bad motive is probably involved. Relying too much on the fact that you're American and she's Filipino rather than who the both of you are can warp both of your expectations in each other.

This is why choosing a service that offers singles tours would be one of your best options for dating a Cebuana.

man approaching a woman while holding flowers behind his back You won’t regret dating single women from Cebu!

The service has matchmaking professionals that are trained and experienced to read the chemistry of a relationship fairly and give proper advice to all parties involved.

Going blind to any situation usually ends in tragedy. That's why, before or during your courtship phase with a Cebu woman, it’s best if you go with a service with over two decades of success in the business. Sign up with us today!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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