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Signs a Filipina May Be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

man and woman looking into each other’s eyes Dating online can blind you from certain red flags.

Being with a Filipina can be a pretty great thing. However, there are some people out there who might not be what they seem. Maybe their motives for dating are not as pure as those of their partner. Maybe they are looking for something other than true love when they log on to dating websites.

Some people out there are just up to no good. They can be pretty great at pretending to be good people, but they themselves will be pretty terrible people. Intent and character are two things that dating sites for singles generally cannot filter out when people sign up for their service, so there is always a risk of running into someone less than sincere, not just with dating online but also with dating in general.

While a little embellishment of the truth is natural in the initial stages of courtship, it is only natural to present yourself in the best light. But there are times when one is not presenting the best version of themselves. Instead they project a complete and total fabrication of who they are entirely.

Now, there are a few signs that someone may not be all that they are cracked up to be, a few red flags to watch out for that warn you that the person you are dating is not who they present themselves to be. While you cannot conduct an online search for sincerity, you can do a real-life search of insincerity.

  1. They are Too Happy
  2. Look, people can be naturally optimistic and outgoing. Both of those things are legitimate personality traits that a person can have. But there are some people out there who do not have those traits naturally, but they are able to replicate them.

    While there is nothing inherently wrong with trying to be positive all the time, the fact of the matter is that being disingenuous to that degree may not make for the healthiest of relationships going forward.

  3. A Little Too Much Focus On Your Finance
  4. There really is no way around it; the Philippines is a third-world country wherein poverty can run pretty rampant. The thing about poverty is that it is something that anyone who has even flirted with it becomes desperate to get rid of.

    One way that a lot of people get out of poverty is by marrying upwards. You may not be rich. You may be a working stiff who is making a good but not spectacular salary. But while it may not be spectacular by your country’s standards, it could be a veritable fortune by Filipino standards.

    So if she focuses a little too much on your credit card, then maybe she is someone to stay away from. Poverty is terrible but uplifting someone out of it should not come at the cost of you sacrificing your shot at true love. Most people are lucky to get one after all, so you cannot waste yours on someone who is not after you for you but for the paycheck or pension that comes with you.

    Even the best free online dating sites cannot weed out those with intentions that are less than sincere.

  5. Parts of her Profile are A Little Off
  6. A lot of people go on the internet. Filipinos, in particular, love social media. They are among the most active people on the internet despite the country’s limited internet speeds and broadband penetration.

    Now while being on the internet is not a requirement for all Filipinos, it is still a little bit suspicious if you see someone on one of those dating apps and cannot find them anywhere else online. Most Filipinos will have an online presence beyond a dating profile, so the lack of one can be a bit telling and more than a little suspicious.

  7. Divided Attention
  8. You may find yourself on a date with a Filipina and you may find yourself having fun on said date. However, you may also notice that every now and then, the woman that you are with spaces out. This may not mean anything. Sometimes a person’s brain just needs to dissociate every now and then.

    But if you find yourself trying to constantly get her attention throughout the date, it could mean that her attention is somewhere else. It does not mean that there is someone else she wants to turn her attention towards. It can also mean that while the date itself is fun, two people can just not click.

  9. Too Flirty
  10. woman leaning on man’s shoulder while looking at him A relationship born from social media is not without its risks.

    When you are on a date with someone, you want it to go well. You want to flirt and have fun and all that other jazz. But be mindful if the flirtation is a little too heavy, a little too forward. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she wants.

    But sometimes the flirtatiousness can be a little uncomfortable. Maybe you are not used to that level of attention or maybe you do not think that you warrant that level of attention. Maybe you are right or maybe you are wrong.

    In any case, if the flirting makes you a little uncomfortable, maybe find some way to get her to pull back a little bit. If she still persists even if you vocalize your discomfort, then maybe it is best to cut ties. You can always find someone more considerate and attentive.

  11. Gut Feeling
  12. They say to trust your gut. That is true enough when it comes to dating. When you meet someone and it feels off, it might be. Sometimes, you just have to trust your instinct. Sometimes, your subconscious can pick up on cues that your conscious mind cannot. So when your gut tells you something, listen to it.

    Sometimes, things can be good and you ought to enjoy them. But there are times when things are too good to be true, when a person seems too put together. The thing is that if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Dating a Filipina is supposed to be great. But sometimes, there are signs you should look out for so that you don’t waste time on these posers in the future. That way you can focus your time on finding and finally meeting the right one.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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