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How To Choose The Right Tour

YES! Our company provides all of its tour members with a FREE professionally prepared Fiancee Visa kit.

The kit, authored by immigration attorney Laurie Wu, contains all the forms and guidance necessary to complete the process yourself.

YES! Only our company has fully staffed offices year round, in all the cities in which we conduct tours.

There are many advantages to this - including better screening of the women you will be meeting and superior support during your stay.

Do not travel with ANY Tour Company unless they have an office in that city.

YES! All of our tours last 7 to 14 days in duration. Your passport is stamped with a 30 Day Visa upon your arrival in the Philippines. You may extend that 30 day visa for a fee at the Philippine Immigration offices located at several malls in Cebu and Davao.

The more time spent in city the better. It's very difficult to accomplish your goals in just a few days. That is why our tours offer 7/10/14 day options. We maintain fully staffed offices in both Davao and Cebu on a year-round basis.


Your $475.00 initial non-refundable deposit includes $240.00 in services and products. The deposit is also transferable to any other tour of your choice should you be forced to cancel.

Cancellation 30 days or less prior to departure will incur a nominal cancellation fee of $750.00.

Compare that to any other tour company and you will agree that our refund policy is the best in the industry!

Other Tour companies 30-day or less refund policies may result in a client forfeiting between $1,400 and $4,900, depending on the tour and date.

YES! Our parent Company, A Foreign Affair, has conducted many group tours per year to eight different countries, including Cebu and Davao, Philippines.


A Foreign Affair has been in operation since 1995. We are the leader in the International Introduction industry. We have conducted hundreds of both personal and group tours since 1995.

YES! We would be more than happy to put you in touch with as many previous tour clients as you like. Thousands of clients have experienced our Singles Tours and we have worked very hard to ensure that each client was extremely pleased with their experience.

Many tour members welcome the opportunity to share their experiences with you.

ABSOLUTELY! We hold all information concerning our clients in the strictest of confidence.

We never divulge any information, nor agree to any interviews with the media, without the client's prior permission.

There is no need for an American tour guide.

THE BEST! We attend to all the details, so the only thing you have to concern yourself with is finding the right woman! Because we have fully staffed offices in the cities where we conduct the tours, the customer service you will receive is second to none.

We have 1000s of full color, hard copy profiles of women interested in meeting you.

You are welcome to browse those books as often as you like during your stay. Our staff will assist you in meeting the women you are interested in, either by arranging individual meetings or by inviting them to the Socials.

The entire staff in The Philippines offices speaks English as it is taught in their school system. The staff is completely dedicated to assisting our clients and providing the caliber of Customer Service that Filipinos are known for.

Yes. OUR COMPANY encourages you to invite up to 15 women as you wish to meet, prior to departing for your tour. You may choose the women you would like to invite from the catalog or from the thousands of profiles featured on our Internet site.

You may also invite ANY woman from any service simply by providing us with name, address and/or phone number.

10-20 clients make an average tour group. Too many men in the group and you will feel just like another number, with little, if any, customer service, and more competition for attractive women than you may have bargained for.

OUR COMPANY strives to keep the perfect balance. Most tours in Cebu and Davao have a 15-1 ratio of women to men.

All clients are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. We do highly recommend that whenever possible you book your flights directly with the airline. Preferred flights should get you to Cebu or Davao in less than 30 hours, while avoiding long layovers.

*Please Note you are crossing the International Date Line. In order to arrive on a Thursday from the USA, you must depart on Tuesday.

** Davao, Philippines can also be reached from Cebu via Cebu-Pacific Airlines (a domestic airline) from the Cebu Mactan International Airport. Usually they offer up to five flights per day and round trip tickets cost $50-75.00 USD.

No Interpreter is required in the Philippines as English is spoken throughout the country.

At all social events you are assigned a staff Buddy who is your assistant to help you with arranging dates, making reservations for dinner or whatever you need.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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