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Understanding Cebuano Culture | Dating Filipina Women

Filipina women standing outside Don’t let cultural ignorance stop you from dating Filipina women.

There are some things that even the best free online dating sites will not do for you and it is to help you understand the intricacies of Filipino culture and understanding these intricacies is going to be paramount if you want to properly date Filipina women. This is because it is hugely important in Filipino society and the women therein are not exempted.

The thing that most people need to understand about the Philippines is that its culture is pretty westernized. This is largely due to its past as both a colony for Spain and a commonwealth under the United States. Not to mention the people there are also voracious consumers of Western media, so Filipina girls are not going to be completely alien to you if you are from the west.

But while it is true that the culture is westernized, that westernization is also part of the reason why said culture has to be understood. Because of its roots as a Spanish colony, the Philippines is deeply Catholic and that deeply Catholic nature has led to a culture that is extremely conservative.

Now, a dating website may help connect with Cebuano women, but it is not likely to help you understand their culture. After all, many dating sites for singles are more concerned with putting people together, not necessarily keeping them together.

But if you want to get with a Filipina and then subsequently stay with her, there are a few things about Cebuano culture that you have to understand.

  1. Linguistic Differences
  2. The national language of the Philippines is Filipino, which is basically just Tagalog. Because of that, many visitors to the country pick up some Tagalog phrases to try out on the locals. This may or may not work in Cebu, since the country has over eighty distinct dialects, and Cebu has its own dialect, which is Cebuano.

    Many Cebuanos will probably still be able to understand Tagalog since Filipino classes are taught in the language. But others may not. English, however, is widely spoken throughout the country. So if you are a Western man trying to get with Filipina women, it might be best to default to English.

  3. Not a Lot of Affectionate Gestures
  4. The thing that cannot be stressed enough about Filipina women is that they are pretty conservative. This is largely due to the Catholic influence. Even some nominally non-denominational schools will observe Catholic traditions.

    The country is so deeply Catholic that Catholic holidays are treated as national holidays. Because of Catholicism, the people in the country are pretty conservative, especially the women. While dating apps are used for casual hookups in the West, that is not the case in the Philippines.

    While public displays of affection may be the norm in some places, that is not the case in the Philippines. While they are allowed, everyone around will probably judge you for behaving intimately in a public space.

  5. Mass Counts as a Date
  6. In a lot of countries, a date is dinner and maybe a show afterwards. Or it is coffee or cocktails. In the Philippines, going to church can sometimes count as a date for some women.

  7. Play to Win
  8. Another thing that needs to be understood about Filipina women is that they do not date simply for the sake of dating. They are dating because they want to find someone with whom to get married. So when you are on a date with such a woman, be aware that there is a small chance that she is already planning your wedding.

    This does not mean that they are the type to move too fast. Rather, it is simply a product of a culture that puts on an emphasis on staying together no matter what. Casual dating is not really a thing in the Philippines.

  9. People Will Talk
  10. Filipinos have large families, and these families do not always consist of people who are related to each other by blood. Because of how large these families are, it is almost impossible to get any kind of privacy.

    These families will talk, and the woman that you are with will talk to them. Whether she wants to or not, whatever transpires on a date will be shared because her mother and her aunties and her uncles and her dad and her grandparents are all going to pester her until she spills her secrets.

    If privacy is important for you when it comes to dating, you might have to prepare yourself to sacrifice that.

  11. Sweet Tooth
  12. When you compare the available fare at a local fast food chain to what is available at a branch of an international chain, you might notice a slight difference in the taste of the food. You may find that the local fare is a bit sweeter than what you might be used to.

    Filipinos have a sweet tooth. Even the foods that are supposed to be savory have a sugary tinge to them. So if you are dating a Filipina, you need to be ready for her to want to eat and you need to be ready for that food which you consume to be rather sweet in its taste.

  13. A Healthy Appetite
  14. One thing that needs to be completely understood about Filipino culture is its relationship with food. That is, Filipinos will take any excuse they can to throw a party with a lot of food, and many Filipinos are close with their families.

    So if you are dating one, then chances are that you may be invited to a family event and because you are going to such an event, you may have to be ready to fill up your plate with food several times over because they will push food on to you no matter how much you beg that you are stuffed.

Finding love in the Philippines is not a simple task. While there are plenty of Filipina women around, they have their own backgrounds that need to be taken into consideration before they can be taken out on any sort of romantic activity because those backgrounds are likely to be of great importance to them.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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