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Cebu women at a matchmaking event.

Meeting Cebu Women: Are Matchmakers Worth Your DOLLAR$?

Meeting Filipinas through matchmaking agencies may become expensive but should it be the first thing to consider in your search for love? After all, there is no price to finding true love. How do you determine if the international dating services you are availing is worth your every dollar?

Foreign man enjoys his date on a Cebu Women Singles Tours.

Bohol Extreme Date with Foreign Men and Filipinas

Filipinas make wonderful travel buddies. They are adventurous and fun. You will never have a dull moment on your trip. Let’s take an exclusive look at the countryside tours in Bohol, as part of your itinerary when you go on singles tours to the Philippines.

Cebu women on a date with foreign men.

Why Filipinas Favor Foreign Men | Cebu City

Single Filipinas who are in search of love prospects join international matchmaking or dating sites, hopeful to meet foreign men who’d capture their hearts. Let’s listen to what they have to say in their search for love.

Foreign man enjoying the company of singles girls in Cebu.

STUNNING Filipinas Island Hopping | Philippine Travel VLOG

Filipinas love exploring the beautiful destinations close to home. In Cebu, there are many places to go or see, as part of your singles tour you will have the chance to visit these sites with lovely Cebu women as your guide. Isn’t it fun?

Foreign man meets the love of his life in a Cebu Women Singles Tour.

I Met My Dream Girl in Cebu | Dating Filipinas

Filipinas love to have fun with new friends, it is part of the Filipino hospitality that every foreigner just seems to love. Today, let’s take a look at how the pool party of the recently concluded January singles tour went.

Man With Single Girls in Cebu

I Met 200+ Filipinas in 4 HOURS | Cebu Solo Travel

The year starts with a bang as 200+ Filipinas met foreign men at the first introduction event of the year. Let’s take a look at how the socials and introductions went.

Cebu women in bikini smiling and waving

Filipinas Reveal Beauty of Cebu | Philippines Travel VLOG

Filipinas are proud of their country, culture and values. They don’t hesitate to show one-of-a-kind hospitality to both local and foreign travelers that is sure to make your trip memorable. The Singles Vacation to the Philippines are an opportunity to meet single Cebuanas but it is also the best chance to enjoy the beautiful destinations in the Philippines.

Cebu mail order brides smiling and waving

Filipinas Private Pool Party in Cebu City Philippines

The Philippines, being the tropical country that it is, has lots of noteworthy beach and pool party destinations. Filipinas love to have fun under the sun with friends and family. One of the most fantastic activities during your Singles Vacation to Cebu Philippines is the very epic pool party.

a group of single women in Cebu posing for the singles tour clients

International Dating with Filipinas | Cebu Solo Trip

The much-anticipated international dating event in Cebu City has been wonderfully successful. Hundreds of Cebu women dressed up and joined the social events. Filipinas met single foreign men from around the world, who embarked on their Cebu solo trip, hoping to find a special love match on their Singles Vacation.

three single girls in Cebu posing in evening gowns

Cebu Singles Vacation | 100+ Stunning Filipinas One Epic Night

Filipinas will amaze you in so many ways. Our most recent Cebu Singles Vacation has been phenomenal for the dozens of confident men who embarked on their romantic trip to the Philippines and they have been stunned.

Three Single Women in Cebu Philippines

Solo Travel To The Philippines | Exciting Activities in Cebu City and Bohol

Solo travel to the Philippines has never been this exciting! On your Singles Vacation to Cebu City fun and romantic activities awaits you. Explore the city sights, get introduced to hundreds of Filipinas and have fun under the sun.

candid photo of Cebu women

Epic Cebu City Pool Party with Stunning Filipinas

Filipinas love to have fun. Often, relaxation or celebration means us being surrounded by family and friends with whom we can be carefree. Single Filipinas that join a matchmaking service are sure to welcome the foreign men as friends and will be more than ready to have fun with you on your Singles Vacation. One of these exciting events is the Cebu City pool party.

Women Joining Singles Tours Cebu

Gorgeous Filipino Women Invite Foreign Men to Cebu City

Filipino women still have conservative views when dating. Initial meetup may become difficult. Some Filipinas are timid while others are so straightforward that they won’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with you first. With literally hundreds of Cebu women participating in speed dating social events, how do you know or identify who you should talk to?

Cebu Women Joining Singles Tour Videos

15 HR Flight for Filipina Dating Event in Cebu Philippines

Filipina women are among the most sought after brides of foreign men. With their beauty and great, traditional Filipino values they make the most ideal wives a man could ever meet. Every year many foreign men take matchmaking tours in the cities of the Philippines to interact with their potential brides on arranged events by a hosting company. Let’s take a look at what takes place during these romantic trips.

Interview of Philippine Women Cebu

Beautiful Filipinas Stun Foreign Men in Cebu Philippines

Every time we conduct functions in Cebu to help create successful Filipina foreigner relationships, many foreign men consider these meetings with Cebuanas to be the social events of the season. This is due in part to the fact that this island nation is dotted with thousands of fascinating scenes and millions of warm-hearted Filipinas. But this is just the beginning of why foreign men flock to Cebu City.

single women in Cebu hanging out with a handsome man

What Cebu Women Is All About (Meet a Cebuana)

Cebu City is located on the mid-eastern side of Cebu island The Philippines. The Cebu women are truly the most beautiful, friendliest and sincere women in all of Asia. We have found no other city in the world with the quality of women from Cebu City. This makes the perfect combination for finding a sincere Asian wife. Cebu Women is the only agency that gives continuous service after the single events. Other agencies do two parties and that is it. We have a full-time staff that will give you on-going introductions well after the socials, all included in our service. Cebu Women is proud to offer you unforgettable Singles Vacation to Cebu City, The Philippines. During our Singles Vacation, you have a great opportunity meet hundreds of women of Cebu. Be prepared to find the life partner you have been looking for!

beautiful brunette Cebu mail order brides

International Dating Event Held at Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu City is located on the mid-eastern side of Cebu island in the Philippines. The Cebu women are truly the most beautiful, friendliest and sincere women in all of Asia. We have found no other city in the world with the quality of women from Cebu City. This makes the perfect combination for finding a sincere Asian wife. Over a hundred of Filipino women sought out love and marriage at the International dating event held at Cebu City, Philippines. Foreign men met and mingled with these beautiful women of Cebu through our Singles Vacation for singles.

single girls in Cebu having a date with a handsome man

Dating Filipinas While in Cebu (Meet Cebu Women)

Foreign men from all over the world joined an introduction tour commonly known as "Singles Vacation" to meet women from Cebu. The event went well, they had fun and good things are all they can say. They met hundreds of gorgeous Cebu women who are looking for men who would cherish and love them. They traveled to Bohol and all around Cebu; tried the local cuisine; and learned the culture and traditions of Cebu. They did it while getting to know the women. They dated the Filipinas during the entire duration of the Singles Vacation Now, most of them found love and happiness with these beautiful Cebuanas and are already engaged to be married. Cebu Women have everything a man could ever ask for. Take a step towards your own happiness!

Cebu women looking for love.

Stunning Cebuanas Looking for Love | Cebu Women

Cebu Women (Cebuanas) are raised to be loving, genuinely caring, and family-oriented individuals. When these ladies fall in love, they make sure to give their all with no boundaries. Their love knows no distance, no race, and has no limits. You will experience a selfless kind of love from these girls. These traits of Cebuanas also transcend to loving foreign men. Cebu Women are also loyal to their loved ones. The person they choose to love and commit themselves to will be the same person that they will be with for the rest of their lives. They will endure anything and everything out of and for love. This also roots from the traditions that they follow. You can actually meet these single Filipina ladies during your exciting group Cebu Women singles tour or, if you can't join during a group tour, meet the girls with an individual club tour with the assistance of our local Cebu staff.

Beautiful Cebu women in a Singles Introduction Event.

Meet the Gorgeous Women of Cebu | Cebu Women Introductions

Cebu Women, locally known as Cebuanas are one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines. They are considered to be ideal wives because of their deep-rooted culture and great personality. If you're looking for a beautiful and independent Cebuana, Cebu City is the place for you. The city is full of working women who are sincere in their pursuit of love. They know how to have fun but that doesn't mean that they do not enjoy some quiet time. These gorgeous women are looking for their life partners who will love and adore them. They are looking for a man who would build a happy and loving family with them. Watch the full video to meet some of the gorgeous women of Cebu. Make sure to take down the ID numbers of the women you're interested in!

Foreign man meets single girls in Cebu during the Socials.

EXPERIENCE Our Grand Social Party in Cebu City

A social party (socials) was held in Cebu City, Philippines wherein a couple of foreign men met hundreds of Cebu women (Cebuanas) in a single night. The men were introduced to the women and had the opportunity to talk to them during the night. Our socials is one of the best in the industry. We offer high ratio of women to men, private (invitation-only socials), different women attending each social during the tour, helpful staff who can cater your needs, superb food, champagne, soft drinks, etc., excellent environment (normally Grand Ballrooms, or private entertainment complexes), can select the women you would want to meet, a masterlist of the women who have been personally called twice and confirmed for the Social, and so much more!

a group of Cebu women and singles tour participants smiling and wearing sunglasses

Win a FREE Tour to Cebu, Philippines!

We are giving away thousands of dollars in FREE prizes EVERY MONTH! A new prize winner each day. You can win account credits for letters, phone call translations, Fiancée Visa Kits and a host of other valuable prizes INCLUDING a free singles tour!

Single women in Cebu participating in a Singles Tour.

EXPERIENCE The Ultimate Singles Vacation to Cebu

Meet 500 to 2000 Beautiful Women from Cebu, Philippines on Our 7, 10 and 14-day Tours. We offer many tours per year - more than most of our competitors combined! You will meet more beautiful women with great personalities in one week with us than you probably could in 5 years on your own. The women who join our service are required to complete an application and are personally interviewed by our staff. Our clients are so satisfied that over 60% of our business comes from referrals. Watch the full video to get an idea on what happens during our Singles Vacation!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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